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Name Place held Entrants Winner Final score Runner up Matches played Host Highest score
CoLei5 Leicester 20 James Robinson 103 – 73 Richard Priest 7 Jeff Clayton 118

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CoLei5 was run by Jeff Clayton on Saturday 14th April 2012. 20 people attended. The event was won by Series 49 & 60 contestant James Robinson, who beat Richard Priest in the final 103 – 73.

Final results

Rank Name Wins Points
A1 James Robinson QF, SF, F 242
A2 Richard Priest QF, SF 194
A3 Matt Bayfield QF, F 192
A4 Jack Worsley QF 182
A5 Shrinidhi Prakash SF, F 138
A6 Stewart Gordon F 158
A7 Mike Brown SF 187
A8 Karen Pearson 0 151
B1 Andy Platt QF, SF, F 219
B2 Barry Evans QF, SF 199
B3 Joseph Krol F 165
B4 Matthew Conway QF 121
B5 Thomas Carey SF 153
B6 Steve Turvey F 143
C1 Dylan Taylor QF, SF, F 237
C2 Jon Wilford QF, SF 134
C3 Julie Taylor QF 160
C4 Michael Cullen F 147
C5 Jayne Wisniewski SF, F 155
C6 Paul Worsley 0 135
  • NB these are the final standings; their groupings having been decided on the numbers of wins and points after three heats.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
COLEI51 14/04/2012 P Jeff Clayton 126
COLEI52 14/04/2012 P Jeff Clayton 115
COLEI53 14/04/2012 P Jeff Clayton 113
COLEI54 14/04/2012 QF Jeff Clayton 80
COLEI55 14/04/2012 SF Jeff Clayton 72
COLEI56 14/04/2012 MGF Richard Priest James Robinson 113
COLEI57 14/04/2012 GF Richard Priest 73 – 103 James Robinson Andy Platt Joseph Krol 113

For the 3 heats, the pairs were drawn at random. Everybody was seeded later. The top 8 seeds would play in the special finals, while the next 6 would play for "best of the rest" award. The next 6 would play 3 more league format games to determine the winner of this group.

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