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Dinos finds the CoNot 2008 event a bit of a balancing act.

Konstadinos "Dinos" Sfyris was a contestant in Series 57 and 80.

The following year, Sfyris returned to the Countdown world for the unofficial COLIN 2008 tournament. He subsequently appeared at CoNot 2008, CoLei 2008, COLIN 2009, CoLei2, COLIN 2010, CoLei Summer Special, CoLei3, Co:Lon 2011, COLIN 2012 and was the winner of CoNot 2009.

On both 16 December 2009, during a semi-final, and 15 March 2010 during a special, Sfyris was seen on the show again, as the audience member who solved the conundrum when neither contestant could get it. He appeared in another special on 2 August 2010, where he beat Series 59 octochamp Kai Laddiman, this time appearing as Dinos, as opposed to Konstadinos.

Outside of Countdown, Sfyris also appeared on The Weakest Link in 2009, and The Krypton Factor on 2 February 2010. One year later, he appeared on The Chase and Pointless, and then in January 2015 appeared on Tipping Point, followed by an appearance on Two Tribes later that same year. His next TV apperance was The Boss on BBC One in 2018.

Sfyris reappeared on the show in 2019 in Series 80, hitting the ground running with a debut score of 117 points and defeating his rival David Ellis by close to a hundred points.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4457 11/10/2007 P John Scott 57 – 99 Konstadinos Sfyris Rick Wakeman Susie Dent 121
4458 12/10/2007 P Konstadinos Sfyris 86 – 42 Georgina Parkinson Rick Wakeman Susie Dent 115
4459 15/10/2007 P Konstadinos Sfyris 87 – 48 Marianne Rowntree Johnny Ball Susie Dent 122
4460 16/10/2007 P Konstadinos Sfyris 76 – 78 Dorian Lidell Johnny Ball Susie Dent 120
S28 2/08/2010 S Kai Laddiman 84 – 90 Dinos Sfyris Gary Osborne Susie Dent 141
7017 22/02/2019 P David Ellis 23 – 117 Dinos Sfyris Tanni Grey-Thompson Susie Dent 135
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