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Name Place held Entrants Winner Final score Runner up Matches played Host Highest score
CoLei3 Leicester 22 Kirk Bevins 73 – 65 Matt Bayfield 7 Jeff Clayton 114?

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CoLei3 was run by Jeff Clayton on Saturday 16th October 2010 at The Stoneycroft Hotel in Leicester. The winner was Series 60 champion Kirk Bevins, who beat Matt Bayfield in the final by the score of 73 – 65.

22 people attended, the same amount as in 2009. As with the previous 2 CoLei tournaments, the line-up included three series winners: Mark Tournoff from Series 52, Conor Travers from Series 54, and Kirk Bevins from Series 60.

Final results

Rank Name Wins Score
A1 Kirk Bevins QF, SF, F 183
A2 Matt Bayfield QF, SF 185
A3 James Robinson QF, F 197
A4 Conor Travers QF 192
A5 Dinos Sfyris SF, F 191
A6 Mark Tournoff F 163
A7 Ryan Taylor SF 153
A8 Richard Priest 0 144
B1 Josh Hurst QF, SF, F 174
B2 Amie Bateen QF, SF 167
B3 Martin Bishop QF, F 213
B4 Lloyd Pettet QF 113
B5 Simon Bell F 129
B6 Karen Pearson SF 127
B7 Alex Lacey SF 122
B8 Dave Wilkinson F 114
C1 Stewart Gordon 3 147
C2 Anna Woodward 3 141
C3 Chris Blewitt 2 88
C4 Mary Jo Clayton 1 74
C5 Yvonne McKeon 0 103
C6 Rhys Benjamin 0 44
  • NB these are the final standings; their groupings having been decided on the numbers of wins and points after three heats.


  • Both contestants from Countdown Episode 5005 competed in this tournament.
  • Anna Woodward came in exactly the same position in the same numbers of participants as she had the previous year.
  • No fewer than 7 contenders made their tournament debut at this event.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
COLEI31 16/10/2010 P Jeff Clayton 128
COLEI32 16/10/2010 P Jeff Clayton 116
COLEI33 16/10/2010 P Jeff Clayton 110
COLEI34 16/10/2010 QF Jeff Clayton 73
COLEI35 16/10/2010 SF Jeff Clayton 73
COLEI36 16/10/2010 MGF Matt Bayfield Kirk Bevins 112
COLEI37 16/10/2010 GF Kirk Bevins 73 – 65 Matt Bayfield Anna Woodward Karen Pearson 111

For the 3 heats, the pairs were drawn at random. Everybody was seeded later. The top 8 seeds would play in the special finals, while the next 8 would play for "best of the rest" award. The next 6 would play 3 more league format games to determine the winner of this group.

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