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Chris Thorn

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Chris Thorn
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionQuarter-finalist
Points total760
Conundrums solved5
Chris Thorn in Series 78.

Chris Thorn was an octochamp in Series 78.

He started his run in the ninth show of the series, scoring 90 points out of a record 175 available. This was followed by a century, and two crucial conundrums: his first against Robin McConnell in the fifth game, and his second against Apterite Sam Prouse in the sixth game, which saw Thorn fight back from 23 points down. Thorn wrapped up his run with a personal best of 119 to become the first octochamp of the series.

Thorn's successes in the preliminaries assured him the #3 seed spot in the series finals, and he returned in June for the quarter-finals to take on seven-time winner Dougie Mackay. However, here he finally came unstuck, picking six small in both of his numbers selections and being beaten by Mackay in both cases. Mackay went on to seal victory with the nine-letter word DOVETAILS, relegating Thorn to his only defeat to date.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
6745 19/01/2018 P Mary Bainbridge 71 – 90 Chris Thorn Raj Bisram Susie Dent 175
6746 22/01/2018 P Chris Thorn 108 – 47 Terry Kelly Raj Bisram Susie Dent 135
6747 23/01/2018 P Chris Thorn 88 – 60 Todd Goodman John Inverdale Susie Dent 119
6748 24/01/2018 P Chris Thorn 83 – 58 Ann Duckworth John Inverdale Susie Dent 129
6749 25/01/2018 P Chris Thorn 92 – 72 Robin McConnell John Inverdale Susie Dent 122
6750 26/01/2018 P Chris Thorn 93 – 77 Sam Prouse John Inverdale Susie Dent 128
6751 29/01/2018 P Chris Thorn 87 – 65 Paul McGhee John Inverdale Susie Dent 126
6752 30/01/2018 P Chris Thorn 119 – 59 Ryan Peteranna Suzannah Lipscomb Susie Dent 134
6849 18/06/2018 QF Chris Thorn 68 – 97 Dougie Mackay Helen Fospero Susie Dent 128
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