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Countdown in Nottingham, or CoNot as it is more commonly known, is the name of a Countdown tournament held in Mapperley, Nottingham in spring or summer, originally for years when CoBris does not take place. CoNot is organized by former series champion Ben Wilson.


The 2008 tournament was held on 26th July 2008. 19 people played, and Dan Vanniasingham, won the day with 5 from 6. Main article...


The 2009 tournament was held on 23rd May 2009. 16 people played, Dinos Sfyris, won the day with 5 from 6. Main article...


After a break of just over 2 years, the 2011 tournament was held on 30th July 2011. 21 players, and "1 robot" played, Rob Foster, won the day with 5 from 6. Main article...


Four years after the previous tournament, the 2015 tournament, branded as Conot IV, was held on 25th July 2015. 23 players played, Jack Worsley won with 7 wins from 8, before defeating Dylan Taylor in the final. Main article...

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