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Crucial - A Champion’s Tale

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The cover of the book, showing 27 seconds on the clock - the time Tournoff took to solve the crucial conundrum in the series 52 grand final.

Crucial - A Champion’s Tale, often simply called Crucial, is a book published by Mark Tournoff in 2007 by his own publishing firm Forestdale Publications. The book details Tournoff's experiences on Countdown, including winning the Series 52 final on a crucial conundrum against Paul Gallen, and then losing the Championship of Champions XII final versus Gallen once more, and again on a crucial conundrum. The title of the book is a reference to the number of crucial conundrums he played on the show, a crucial conundrum being when the margin between the players is 10 points or fewer before the final round and therefore that either player can still win.

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