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Dr Linda Barrett

From Countdown

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Lynda barratt photo.jpg
First appearance 3 November 1982
Last appearance 2 July 1983 (uncertain)
Appearances 41
Episodes with Dr Linda Barrett

Dr. Linda Barrett was an early member of the Countdown team. She held a similar role to Carol Vorderman, acting on an alternating basis with her as the "vital statistician" for the first two series; during Series 1, for example, Barrett appeared on Monday and Wednesday episodes with Vorderman handling the maths on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Barrett's career was, however, short-lived, as Vorderman ultimately completely replaced her.

Due to gaps in the archives, it cannot be fully ascertained which episodes she did and which Vorderman did, but it is thought Barrett made around 40 appearances.

Following her departure, she moved onto other interests got married and had children, before she passed away from a short illness. [1]

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