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Noel Edmonds

From Countdown
Miscellaneous appearances of Noel Edmonds
First appearance Gotcha
Last appearance 2 November 2007
Appearances 2
Episodes with Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds presented a program called Deal or No Deal, which was introduced as a successor to Fifteen to One, and was broadcast immediately after Countdown, starting with Countdown's relaunch at the start of Series 54. Edmonds was known on Deal for being extremely hyperactive, annoyingly so. He was apparently in the frame to succeed Richard Whiteley before Deal was commissioned.

His connections with Countdown predate this, however. Despite never having appeared on Countdown in its own right, he did visit the Countdown set to reveal the Gotcha to Whiteley.

Edmonds also selected the letters for one of the rounds during the 25th Birthday Special.

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