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Pauline Huggins

From Countdown

Pauline Huggins was a contestant in Series 57. Before appearing on the show, she had won an edition of The Weakest Link.

During her win in her opening episode, Huggins changed her declaration in one round, here is a transcript:

Pauline: Seven... not written down.... and it's dodgy
Carl: Seven, risky as well
Des: Let's hear the lady's first...
Pauline: PROMATE
Des: PRO...?
Alison: (interjecting enthusiastically, nodding) PRONATE?
Pauline: PRO....[slight pause].... PRONATE, yes.
Alison: How are you spelling that?
Pauline: P-R-O-N-A-T-E

The production team did not initially pick up on this, but invited the player she'd beaten (Carl Dundas) back to Series 58 as a challenger, even though had promate ☓ been disallowed, Dundas would still have mathematically lost before the conundrum.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
4484 19/11/2007 P Carl Dundas 60 – 79 Pauline Huggins Des O'Connor Carol Vorderman Barbara Dickson Alison Heard 123
4485 20/11/2007 P Pauline Huggins 74 – 88 Gary Tennant Des O'Connor Carol Vorderman Barbara Dickson Alison Heard 121