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Rose Matafeo

From Countdown

Rose Matafeo was a contestant on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown. She is a New Zealand-born comedian and TV Presenter based in the UK.

Notably, she won the "Best Comedy Show Award" at the 2018 Edinburgh Comedy Awards and was congratulated by New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinta Ardern on social media, to which this was mentioned on her first appearance on the show. [1],


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
Cats112 26/07/2019 S Miles Jupp
& Sean Lock
38 - 55 Jon Richardson
& Rose Matafeo
Jimmy Carr Rachel Riley Vic Reeves Susie Dent 73
Cats120 9/01/2020 S Harry Hill
& Sean Lock
22 - 51* Jon Richardson
& Rose Matafeo
Jimmy Carr Rachel Riley Alex Horne &
the Horne Section
Susie Dent 76
Cats149 23/12/2022 S Rose Matafeo
& Lee Mack
34 - 36** Jon Richardson
& Jack Dee
Jimmy Carr Rachel Riley Stevie Martin Susie Dent 65
* Includes 15 points from the conundrum.
** Includes 5 points from a bonus game.

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