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Barbara Wylde

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Barbara Wylde, 27 years after her first appearance, in Series 81.

Barbara Wylde was a contestant in Series 24, Series 25 and Series 81. As of her third appearance, she was a Retired Infant Teacher from Westonzoyland in Somerset, though during her previous appearances, she came from Bridgwater, Somerset.

After losing by one point in Series 24, it was revealed that Barbara had JIBER disallowed, but it was listed in the dictionary under GIBE, so Barbara was allowed another go, but she lost by 15 clear points that time around. Wylde returned for a third time in 2019 during Series 81, however she was overpowered very early on by her opponent Jamie Wing, with a spot of the nine letter word SOMATISED in the first letters round.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
1284 28/07/1992 P Robin Stormonth-Darling 46 – 45 Barbara Wylde Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Sheridan Morley Richard Samson 73
1369 2/03/1993 P Barbara Wylde 35 – 50 Attiya Rashid Richard Whiteley Carol Vorderman Jan Harvey Richard Samson 72
7216 29/11/2019 P Jamie Wing 122 – 44 Barbara Wylde Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Hannah Fry Susie Dent 132