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Jamie Wing

From Countdown
Jamie Wing
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionRunner-up
Points total899
Conundrums solved6 (+1 tiebreak)
Jamie Wing during his 8th game.

Jamie Wing was an octochamp in and the runner-up of Series 81. He was a 6th Form Student from Godalming, Surrey.

Wing made his debut, aged 17, on 22 November 2019 against six-time winner and fellow Apterite Paul Anderson, winning the game on a tiebreak conundrum. He then put in 7 sensational performances scoring 6 centuries. He wrapped up his heat run with 899 points to become an octochamp — the last of a record nine to have appeared in the series.

Ten days later, Wing returned for the series finals, starting his finals run against number 7 seed Tom Silverlock. Wing proved unstoppable here, by scoring in every letters and numbers round and pulling away with a very good 6-small solve plus a spot of the nine-letter word ROUTINISE. His only no-score occurred in the conundrum, which Silverlock beat him to, but a strong 121 points booked Wing a place in the semi-finals. He next squared off against Paul Nixon, the number 3 seed; though the game's score was dead level from the first break straight up to before the final letters, PACEMEN and a one-away solve on a complex six-small selection meant that Wing avoided a crucial conundrum and confirmed a finals spot against number 1 contender James Haughton.

In the final, Wing played close to Haughton. They levelled in the first two letter rounds until Haughton nicked the lead with the first numbers round. Wing, however, stayed close to Haughton throughout the game and as a last consolation solved the conundrum, TREATRASH to EARTHSTAR, to finish in the runner-up position with 95 points while Haughton won with 110 points. Wing amassed 1,206 points in his run.

Preceded by
Elliott Mellor
Series runner-up
Series 81
Followed by
Sam Cappleman-Lynes


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
7211 22/11/2019 P Paul Anderson 90 - 100* Jamie Wing Tanni Grey-Thompson Susie Dent 134
7212 25/11/2019 P Jamie Wing 117 - 23 Sharif Dougramaji Tanni Grey-Thompson Susie Dent 126
7213 26/11/2019 P Jamie Wing 114 - 53 Greg Folgate Tanni Grey-Thompson Susie Dent 135
7214 27/11/2019 P Jamie Wing 120 - 62 Peter Jackson Tanni Grey-Thompson Susie Dent 147
7215 28/11/2019 P Jamie Wing 118 - 68 Alan Jones Hannah Fry Susie Dent 129
7216 29/11/2019 P Jamie Wing 122 - 44 Barbara Wylde Hannah Fry Susie Dent 132
7217 2/12/2019 P Jamie Wing 96 - 53 Joseph Bennett Hannah Fry Susie Dent 138
7218 3/12/2019 P Jamie Wing 122 - 86 Alex Stuart Hannah Fry Susie Dent 148
7226 13/12/2019 QF Jamie Wing 121 - 78 Tom Silverlock Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 146
7230 19/12/2019 SF Jamie Wing 91 - 77 Paul Nixon Tim Vine Susie Dent 125
7231 20/12/2019 GF James Haughton 110 - 95 Jamie Wing Tim Vine Susie Dent 125
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum