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Brendan Whitehurst

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Brendan Whitehurst
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionSemi-finalist
Points total821
Conundrums solved4
Brendan Whitehurst in Series 79...
...and again in Series 80!

Brendan Whitehurst was an octochamp in Series 80 who made his début in Series 79. He is a supermarket worker from Derby. He became an Apterite after recording his heat shows.

He appeared on 7 December 2018 against Mark Jeary and won with a strong 110 points. He then won the last 3 games of the series, and was placed aside for the series finals. He returned to Countdown on 23 January 2019 to continue his run in Series 80, following Championship of Champions XV, and here he wrapped up his unbeaten run, joining the 800 club in the fourth show of the new series.

Whitehurst's aggregate score of 821 points secured him a spot in the Series 80 finals in June as the number 3 seed. In his quarter-final, he took on Steven Turnbull and fell behind fairly early due to the latter's darrenic pair of EARWIGS and HOOLIGAN. However, he then mounted a strong comeback during the third "half" and solved the final six-small numbers round to go into the conundrum with a 1-point advantage, and after neither player unscrambled RINGACHED in the time, he therefore advanced to the semi-finals, where he played against Dinos Sfyris. Whitehurst fought hard in the match until Sfyris eventually pulled away and Whitehurst took his first defeat to date.

In 2021, Whitehurst took part in ZoomDown Series 4, and became the second tetrachamp of the series with a total of 433 points.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
6969 7/12/2018 P Mark Jeary 85 – 110 Brendan Whitehurst Nicki Chapman Susie Dent 126
6970 10/12/2018 P Brendan Whitehurst 96 – 59 James Fenn Dan Walker Susie Dent 133
6971 11/12/2018 P Brendan Whitehurst 104 – 50 Sam Reilly Dan Walker Susie Dent 117
6972 12/12/2018 P Brendan Whitehurst 92 – 83 David Rutherford Dan Walker Susie Dent 124
6995 23/01/2019 P Brendan Whitehurst 104 – 62 Linda Nowotarski Suzannah Lipscomb Susie Dent 127
6996 24/01/2019 P Brendan Whitehurst 107 – 52 Laurence Dunkling Suzannah Lipscomb Susie Dent 137
6997 25/01/2019 P Brendan Whitehurst 112 – 62 Charlotte Aldworth Suzannah Lipscomb Susie Dent 125
6998 28/01/2019 P Brendan Whitehurst 96 – 44 Vittorio Angelone Suzannah Lipscomb Susie Dent 126
7103 24/06/2019 QF Brendan Whitehurst 58 – 57 Steven Turnbull Rufus Hound Susie Dent 146
7106 27/06/2019 SF Dinos Sfyris 103 – 78 Brendan Whitehurst Richard Arnold Susie Dent 123
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