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Callum Pickering

From Countdown
Callum Pickering

Callum Pickering was a contestant in Series 71. He is the first half-man, half-horse to take part on the show.

Earlier in 2014, he attended CoStAl and CoMultiLon. He was present at the Countdown in Nottingham afterparty on his birthday in 2015, at which he drunkenly stripped in front of a large crowd of people and requested their feedback on his amount of chest hair. He is in a relationship with fellow Apterous user Baking Soda. It is rumoured he is a descendant of Ronnie Pickering, but nobody is certain.

Pickering has since attended various events, mainly based in the south of England. He is adamant he will only appear at a Northern event if John Cena makes a personal appearance.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
5981 28/08/2014 P David Stanford 80 – 74 Callum Pickering Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Martin Lewis Susie Dent 131