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David Elias

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The late, great David Elias

David Elias was the champion of Series 27 and a participant in Championship of Champions VII.

He first appeared on Countdown on 18 January 1994, beating Gill Nickson 57 – 44 in the 12th heat of Series 27. He won three more games before losing 51 – 45 to Robin Benoy, but his four wins were enough to see him return for the finals as No. 3 seed. There, he beat Alan Ward and Daniel Simonis on his way to the final against octochamp and hot favourite Richard Campbell. The final was a close affair, but Elias eventually sealed victory on the final, very difficult numbers round to win by a score of 68 – 55, and thus became the 27th champion of Countdown.

Elias returned for Championship of Champions VII, but was beaten in the first round by Suzanne Miles.

He returned to Countdown one final time in 1996 for the Supreme Championship, but lost in the first round 60 – 43 to boy wonder Andrew Perry.

In other occupations, he wrote questions for many quizzes such as The Weakest Link, The Krypton Factor, University Challenge, Busman's Holiday, Wipeout and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?.

He sadly passed away on 17th December 2005.

Preceded by
Andy Bodle
Series winner
Series 27
Followed by
Damian Eadie


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1469 18/01/1994 P David Elias 57 – 44 Gill Nickson David Jacobs Ruth Killick 73
1470 19/01/1994 P David Elias 65 – 28 Marcia Holmans Nigel Rees Ruth Killick 73
1471 20/01/1994 P David Elias 75 – 27 Graham Laird Nigel Rees Ruth Killick 84
1472 21/01/1994 P David Elias 59 – 45 Richard Griffiths Nigel Rees Ruth Killick 71
1473 24/01/1994 P David Elias 45 – 51 Robin Benoy Nigel Rees Ruth Killick 70
1518 28/03/1994 QF David Elias 45 – 38 Alan Ward Martin Jarvis Richard Samson 81
1521 31/03/1994 SF David Elias 55 – 48 Daniel Simonis Rosalind Ayres Richard Samson 72
1522 1/04/1994 GF David Elias 68 – 55 Richard Campbell Martin Jarvis, Rosalind Ayres Richard Samson 110
1590 4/01/1995 CQF Suzanne Miles 50 – 38 David Elias Denis Norden Richard Samson 70
1865 23/10/1996 bQF David Elias 43 – 60 Andrew Perry Philip Franks Susie Dent 83
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