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Andy Bodle

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Andy Bodle

Andy Bodle (born 7 February 1970) was the Series 26 champion, and a participant in Championship of Champions VII and the Supreme Championship.

He first appeared on 30 July 1993, beating Val Frost 57 – 50 in the 20th heat of Series 26. Bodle would go on to win two more games before being stopped in his fourth by Joe Brown, losing by just one point. However, the three wins were enough to see Bodle return for the series finals as No. 7 seed. After defeating Howard Whiteley (no relation to Richard) and Chris Feetenby in the quarter- and semi-finals respectively, Bodle found himself facing No. 1 seed and hot favourite, the 11-year old Andrew Perry in the Grand Final. Both players put in a high-standard performance, with Bodle offering words such as DIOXANE and PLEURISY. However, Bodle managed to amass a 22-point lead going into the first advert break, and with Perry having a word disallowed in the first letters round after the break, Bodle was able to stretch his lead and eventually run out the 73 – 45 winner and 26th series champion.

Bodle returned for Championship of Champions VII, losing to Damian Eadie in the first round, and also returned for the Supreme Championship, beating Phil Jordan in the first round before losing to John Clarke in the group semi-final.

Bodle has worked as a stand-up comic, newspaper writer and sub-editor for The Guardian and as a TV script writer, and has also written questions for quiz show Only Connect. He was originally from Swindon, but moved to Leeds.

Preceded by
Don Reid
Series winner
Series 26
Followed by
David Elias


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1412 30/07/1993 P Val Frost 50 – 57 Andy Bodle Simon Williams Susie Dent 72
1413 2/08/1993 P Chris Churchill 38 – 69 Andy Bodle Simon Williams Susie Dent 72
1414 3/08/1993 P Erica Philips 33 – 60 Andy Bodle Simon Williams Susie Dent 75
1415 4/08/1993 P Joe Brown 46 – 45 Andy Bodle Simon Williams Susie Dent 80
1452 24/09/1993 QF Howard Whiteley 37 – 58 Andy Bodle Rosalind Ayres Susie Dent 75
1456 30/09/1993 SF Chris Feetenby 34 – 53 Andy Bodle Rosalind Ayres Susie Dent 81
1457 1/10/1993 GF Andy Bodle 73 – 45 Andrew Perry Martin Jarvis, Rosalind Ayres Susie Dent 115
1588 2/01/1995 CQF Damian Eadie 47 – 45 Andy Bodle Denis Norden Richard Samson 72
1858 14/10/1996 aQF Andy Bodle 55 – 51 Phil Jordan Nigel Rees Susie Dent 67
1860 16/10/1996 aSF John Clarke 55 – 39 Andy Bodle Philip Franks Susie Dent 73

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