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Phil Jordan

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Phil Jordan
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionRunner-up
Points total425
Conundrums solved6
Phil Jordan

Phil Jordan was the runner-up of Series 23.

He first appeared on Countdown on 7 February 1992, beating reigning champion Nick Atkinson 48 – 20 in the 30th heat of Series 23. He went on to win a further seven games, becoming an octochamp and returning for the finals as No. 2 seed. He beat Rodney Crawshaw in the quarter-finals and Paul Perriman in the semi-finals to set up a No. 1 seed vs No. 2 seed final against Gareth Williams. In the final, Jordan was still in contention right up to the end, trailing by a mere nine points heading into the crucial conundrum, but neither player was able to unscramble PEPSICOLA in the time, meaning Jordan lost both the game and the series.

Jordan returned the following January for Championship of Champions VI, but was defeated in the first round by eventual winner Wayne Summers.

Four years later, Jordan returned to Countdown to play in the Supreme Championship. His first opponent was Andy Bodle, the champion of Series 26. Bodle pulled ahead early in the game by spotting APOLUNES and FAVORS (which would not be allowed under today's rules, as it is a US spelling). Jordan scored in every round thereafter, including the conundrum LYCHEELAB, but it wasn't enough to catch up and Bodle won the game 55 – 51.

Jordan was the originator of the "inverted T" selection for the numbers game, which has become popular amongst Countdown contestants and is still used to this day.

Preceded by
Robert Teuton
Series runner-up
Series 23
Followed by
Fiona Davies


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1227 7/02/1992 P Phil Jordan 48 – 20 Nick Atkinson Sally James Richard Samson 70
1228 10/02/1992 P Phil Jordan 59 – 32 Jenny Gardner Jan Harvey Richard Samson 73
1229 11/02/1992 P Phil Jordan 61 – 35 James Furnival Jan Harvey Richard Samson 72
1230 12/02/1992 P Phil Jordan 53 – 44 Anthony Annakin-Smith Jan Harvey Richard Samson 85
1231 13/02/1992 P Phil Jordan 62 – 27 Maureen Forrester Jan Harvey Richard Samson 83
1232 14/02/1992 P Phil Jordan 62 – 49 Simon Gillam Jan Harvey Richard Samson 84
1233 17/02/1992 P Phil Jordan 37 – 24 Alan Roberts Jan Harvey Richard Samson 75
1234 18/02/1992 P Phil Jordan 43 – 30 Frank Glover Richard Stilgoe Freda Thornton 71
1257 20/03/1992 QF Rodney Crawshaw 37 – 63 Phil Jordan Jan Harvey Catherine Clarke 75
1261 26/03/1992 SF Phil Jordan 60 – 40 Paul Perriman Jan Harvey Catherine Clarke 82
1262 27/03/1992 GF Phil Jordan 59 – 68 Gareth Williams Jan Harvey, Nicholas Day Catherine Clarke 126
1330 6/01/1993 CQF Wayne Summers 60 – 38 Phil Jordan Richard Stilgoe Susie Dent 73
1858 14/10/1996 aQF Andy Bodle 55 – 51 Phil Jordan Nigel Rees Susie Dent 67
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