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Jason Palmer

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Jason Palmer in Series 78.
Jason Palmer as a professional golfer.

Jason Palmer was a contestant in Series 78.

He was a professional golfer who played on the European Tour who was known for his unusual one-handed chipping technique. In 2015, he participated in the US Open. In 2018, aged just 33, he announced his retirement from competitive golf due to ongoing wrist problems.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
6811 23/04/2018 P Mac Walker 69 – 90 Jason Palmer Pasha Kovalev Susie Dent 132
6812 24/04/2018 P Jason Palmer 84 – 61 Gavin O'Leary Chris Packham Susie Dent 156
6813 25/04/2018 P Jason Palmer 95 – 24 Maria Ryan Chris Packham Susie Dent 119
6814 26/04/2018 P Jason Palmer 104 – 115 Toby McDonald Chris Packham Susie Dent 135

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