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Neil MacKenzie

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MacKenzie on the show.
MacKenzie in the strip of his former club Notts County.

Neil MacKenzie was a finalist in Series 59.

Notably, he's a professional footballer who played for Notts County when he appeared on the show. MacKenzie beat the eventual #7 seed Lee Simmonds on a crucial conundrum to take to the champion's chair and rattled off five wins, including top scores of 104 on two occasions, before losing to Katy Turner after she spotted the nine-letter word LACTATION.

MacKenzie returned as #6 seed for the series finals, where he faced #3 seed Junaid Mubeen in the quarter final. Here he was outclassed, losing by 67 points, but taking away a crystal vase for his efforts.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4633 30/06/2008 P Lee Simmonds 61 – 71 Neil MacKenzie Barry Norman Susie Dent 115
4634 1/07/2008 P Neil MacKenzie 104 – 80 Shirley Lye Barry Norman Susie Dent 138
4635 2/07/2008 P Neil MacKenzie 72 – 69 Ken Dunbar Barry Norman Susie Dent 128
4636 3/07/2008 P Neil MacKenzie 104 – 59 Emlyn Lewis Barry Norman Susie Dent 125
4637 4/07/2008 P Neil MacKenzie 63 – 39 Chris Morgan Barry Norman Susie Dent 119
4638 7/07/2008 P Neil MacKenzie 66 – 80 Katy Turner Lynda Baron Susie Dent 129
4728 8/12/2008 QF Neil MacKenzie 57 – 124 Junaid Mubeen Jo Brand Susie Dent 127

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