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Junaid Mubeen

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Junaid Mubeen
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionChampion
Points total790
Conundrums solved7
Junaid Mubeen in his 8th game.

Junaid Mubeen was an octochamp in and the champion of Series 59, as well as a contestant in Series 39 and a quarter-finalist in Championship of Champions XIII.

He first appeared in Series 39 at 14 years old, where he lost to Mike Jones on a crucial conundrum. He returned 10 years later after passing another audition, and reeled off 8 impressive wins, including 100 on his debut. After setting the highest score of the series (later surpassed by Charlie Reams) he scored under 100 in his final three games, but still became #1 seed with a points total of 790. This points total was also surpassed by Reams, who scored 820 and Martin Bishop who scored 809.

In the quarter-final, Mubeen gave one of the performances of the series, scoring 124 out of a possible 127 including the nine letter word NOTARISED. Mubeen scored all maximums at the numbers and conundrum and dropped just three points on the letters. Charlie Reams beat Kai Laddiman in the first semi-final, leaving Mubeen to face Martin Bishop in the second one. Mubeen took the lead with SPATIAL and ROMAINE but Bishop got back into the game when Mubeen had PRECASTED disallowed (the past participle of PRECAST is PRECAST). However, when Bishop had SOMAINE disallowed in the final letters game, Mubeen was beyond reach and topped off a good performance by taking the points from the final numbers and conundrum.

In the final #1 seed faced #3 seed, and the game was very close, first of all Reams missed STEMMED in the first round, but Mubeen had SLOPERS x disallowed in the next round. The players scored in the next two rounds, before Mubeen decided to pick six small numbers. Reams declared nothing while Mubeen declared 929 but had miscounted and got no points. In the second "half", Junaid took the lead with ORGANDIE and extended it when Reams had ALIENER disallowed. Mubeen held onto this lead until the final numbers, where Reams made a tactical choice of 4 large, but it didn't work because both players got the target and put their pens down after 20 seconds. Mubeen had a 14 point lead going into the conundrum, but it was Reams that solved ERACLOSES (CASSEROLE) and lost the final by just 4 points, 88 – 84. Mubeen returned for Championship of Champions XIII, taking out Tony Warren before encountering Charlie Reams again in the quarter final. This time he was not so lucky and lost on a crucial conundrum, 88 – 79.

In 2010, he returned to the studio for a deciding match against Charlie Reams. After a brilliant start by Reams, Mubeen pulled into the game thanks to the altered large numbers games, meaning that as they went into the conundrum, Reams' lead was down to 10 points, but Reams took the glory after unravelling KILLABAAA in half a second.

In 2009, Mubeen also appeared at unofficial Countdown tournaments COLIN 2009 and CoNot 2009.

Outside of Countdown, he also appeared on the show Brainteaser (on the same episode as another Coundown player Joseph Bolas).

Mubeen is the first 15-round series champion to have previously appeared on the show before the series that he won (the next, Kirk Bevins, would appear in the following series), and the second in entire Countdown history after Darryl Francis.

Preceded by
David O'Donnell
Series winner
Series 59
Followed by
Kirk Bevins


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2342 4/09/1998 P Mike Jones 51 – 40 Junaid Mubeen Barry Cryer Anna Hall 70
4673 22/09/2008 P Julie Rees 42 – 100 Junaid Mubeen Andrew Sachs Susie Dent 144
4674 23/09/2008 P Junaid Mubeen 92 – 79 Hazel Jones Andrew Sachs Susie Dent 129
4675 24/09/2008 P Junaid Mubeen 121 – 67 David Williams Keith Barron Susie Dent 134
4676 25/09/2008 P Junaid Mubeen 106 – 49 Darren Stibbs Keith Barron Susie Dent 117
4677 26/09/2008 P Junaid Mubeen 106 – 72 Tony McCreadie Keith Barron Susie Dent 139
4678 29/09/2008 P Junaid Mubeen 94 – 45 Gerard Doyle Keith Barron Susie Dent 122
4679 30/09/2008 P Junaid Mubeen 74 – 62 Jonathan Gilligan Barry Cryer Susie Dent 117
4680 1/10/2008 P Junaid Mubeen 97 – 27 Margaret Batters Barry Cryer Susie Dent 122
4728 8/12/2008 QF Neil MacKenzie 57 – 124 Junaid Mubeen Jo Brand Susie Dent 127
4731 11/12/2008 SF Junaid Mubeen 96 – 56 Martin Bishop Jo Brand Susie Dent 115
4732 12/12/2008 GF Junaid Mubeen 88 – 84 Charlie Reams Gyles Brandreth Susie Dent 118
4734 13/01/2009 CP Junaid Mubeen 80 – 55 Tony Warren Andrew Sachs Susie Dent 116
4742 23/01/2009 CQF Junaid Mubeen 79 – 88 Charlie Reams Alastair Stewart Susie Dent 128
S29 16/08/2010 S Charlie Reams 87 – 67 Junaid Mubeen Gary Osborne Susie Dent 117
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