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The Countdown Page is the foremost Countdown website, with results of every game since Series 3 and an extensive selection of pages on the experiences of former contestants. The site is maintained by Mike Brown, who regularly updates it with his thoughts on recent games. The site was used to construct The Countdown Corral, The Countdown Wiki and The Countdown Database. The site includes among many things, the following:

  • The final scores of every games since Series 3, and many of the games from Series 1 and 2.
  • A list of all the seeds from every Series.
  • Game of the week, a now defunct feature that lists the individual rounds and scores from a specific game.
  • Hall of Fame, a list of every Series and CofC winner.
  • A list of every Octochamp and Viscount.
  • Lists of the highest and lowest scores.
  • A list of specials, including the Masters games.
  • A review of the Countdown DVD game.
  • A selection of first-person experiences from past contestants' on the show.
  • A long list of link to dozens of other Countdown-related sites.

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