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Toby Byfield

From Countdown
Toby Byfield
octochamp statistics
Final position Quarter-finalist
Seeding 3
Points total 830
Conundrums solved 5
Toby Byfield in Series 89.

Toby Byfield was an octochamp and quarter-finalist in Series 89. He was a political statistician and not-for-profit company director from Guildford, Surrey. He is also an Apterite and has spent time in different countries as an elections observer.


Series 89 heat games

Byfield made a very confident debut against six-time winner and fellow Apterite, Lucas Glanville – Byfield achieved a century and maxed 10 rounds to finish with 111 while restricting Glanville to his lowest score of 44. After that, he then racked up seven more winning performances which included three further centuries to his name.

He stood out by his frequent choosing of four large numbers games, and spotted the nine-letter words MATERIALS and OPERATING. He also achieved a personal best of 117 points in his fourth game, with the latter being made more impressive in that it was gained despite missing both of the available nines RIVALISED and OUTSMILES in that heat.

It wasn't wholly smooth sailing though – in fact, he had to overcome two particularly stern tests against challengers Bernard Greep and Jonno Smith in his third and eighth games respectively to secure octochamp status and membership of the 800 club, which he did in his last heat after Smith blanked on a six small numbers gamble. This left Byfield with a final total of 830 points, provisionally set him as the number two seed for the finals, and also made him the sixth octochamp of the series in a little under three months.

After recording his heat games, he made his Co-event debut at Co:Reading 2024.

Series 89 finals

Byfield returned for his quarter-final against number six seed Michael Calder. Despite initially racing off to an 18-point lead, Calder crept his way back, with the match turning out to be a very testy affair with neither player maxing many rounds. Consequently, they stayed within range of each other right up to the crucial conundrum SATINCLOG. After just under 17 seconds, Calder buzzed in with NOSTALGIC, which was correct, and that broke Byfield's unbeaten record and saw him exit the competition with his lowest score to date. His final points tally across nine games came to 912, giving him an average of roughly 101 points a game.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
8233 20/03/2024 P Lucas Glanville 44 – 111 Toby Byfield Colin Murray Rachel Riley Neil Delamere Susie Dent 120
8234 21/03/2024 P Toby Byfield 98 – 51 Nigel Gardner Colin Murray Rachel Riley Neil Delamere Susie Dent 136
8235 22/03/2024 P Toby Byfield 92 – 86 Bernard Greep Colin Murray Rachel Riley Neil Delamere Susie Dent 124
8236 25/03/2024 P Toby Byfield 117 – 40 Stuart Ingham Colin Murray Rachel Riley Paul Sinha Susie Dent 146
8237 26/03/2024 P Toby Byfield 113 – 58 Andy Wilkinson Colin Murray Rachel Riley Paul Sinha Susie Dent 153
8238 27/03/2024 P Toby Byfield 108 – 59 Gerry Kelly Colin Murray Rachel Riley Paul Sinha Susie Dent 145
8239 28/03/2024 P Toby Byfield 95 – 65 Sonia Dari Colin Murray Rachel Riley Paul Sinha Susie Dent 129
8240 29/03/2024 P Toby Byfield 96 – 84 Jonno Smith Colin Murray Rachel Riley Paul Sinha Susie Dent 119
8301 24/06/2024 QF Toby Byfield 82 – 84 Michael Calder Colin Murray Rachel Riley Marcus Brigstocke Susie Dent 131