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Andy Evans (Series 81)

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For other people called Andy Evans, see Andy Evans.
Andy Evans (Series 81)
octochamp statistics
Final position Quarter-finals
Seeding 5
Points total 750
Conundrums solved 3 (+1 tiebreak)
Andy Evans in Series 81.

Andy Evans was an octochamp in Series 81. He's a Politics Student at the University of Leeds, from Newbury in Berkshire. He is also an Apterite.

He first appeared on 17 September 2019 against Matt Sykes, winning with 100 points. He then won his second heat game on a tiebreak conundrum. Following this, he put in six more wins, including two more centuries, and obtained 750 points to become the fifth octochamp of the series, eventually ranking 5th.

He took on 4th seed Morgan Sauer in the last quarter-final of the series. Both players fought nip and tuck throughout; after the second commercial break, Evans converted a 13-point deficit into a 9-point lead between rounds 12 and 14 by taking successful gambles on MOLASSED and APORIAS, followed by managing 1 away on the last difficult one-large numbers round while Sauer only managed 7 away. Unfortunately for Evans, Sauer unravelled the crucial conundrum THEFRIDGE in 15 seconds to end Evans's unbeaten run and win by one point. Evans garnered an overall total of 827 points in his run.

In August 2018, he made five appearances on !mpossible. While waiting for his finals appearance to be screened after his heats were shown, Evans made 12 appearances on ITV's Cash Trapped, which were filmed approximately a year before airing, one of which was sampled for an edition of It'll Be Alright on the Night.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
7163 17/09/2019 P Matt Sykes 65 – 100 Andy Evans Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Len Goodman Susie Dent 127
7164 18/09/2019 P Andy Evans 83* – 73 Gerry Gray Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Len Goodman Susie Dent 145
7165 19/09/2019 P Andy Evans 94 – 53 Steve Taylor Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Nina Hossain Susie Dent 133
7166 20/09/2019 P Andy Evans 114 – 61 Bekki Peckett Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Nina Hossain Susie Dent 125
7167 23/09/2019 P Andy Evans 80 – 58 Abbie Arrowsmith Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Nina Hossain Susie Dent 118
7168 24/09/2019 P Andy Evans 88 – 68 Daniel Smith Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Nina Hossain Susie Dent 126
7169 25/09/2019 P Andy Evans 112 – 50 David Lee Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Nina Hossain Susie Dent 123
7170 26/09/2019 P Andy Evans 89 – 74 Geoff Pinney Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Pam Ayres Susie Dent 137
7228 17/12/2019 QF Morgan Sauer 78 – 77 Andy Evans Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Jon Culshaw Susie Dent 123
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum