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Episode Cats78

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Episode Cats78, billed as 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 12, Episode 4 was a special episode broadcast on 3 February 2017, as part of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 12.

8 Out of 10 Cats regulars Sean Lock and Jon Richardson were the contestants, along with Joe Wilkinson and Jayde Adams who were their teammates respectively, while Jimmy Carr reprised his role as the host.

The match saw Sean Lock, with the assistance of Joe Wilkinson, winning by 40 – 38 in an 7-rounder and they won a Countdown trumpet.

Rachel Riley was, as ever, the arithmetician. The Dictionary Corner guest was David Baddiel, and the lexicographer was Susie Dent. Pat Sharp, a famous DJ in the 1980s, also made a special appearance during Round 3 where he reprised his original job. This was also his second appearance after 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 10, Episode 1.

Just before Round 5, both Joe and Jon took part in "Show Me Where It Hurts" where they had to place labels of several unusually-named parts of the body corresponding to their location on Fabio and Raul, two of the show's male models. The labels were: PEERIE-WINKIE (Toe), PRAT (Buttocks), ARSE-ROPES (Intestines) and BIBBLE-CHUNKS (Breast). Jon won the game by 1 – 0, thus five points were awarded to his team.

Interesting moments from the episode are listed below:

1) During the Introduction, Joe's prop was revealed to be a water display with figures of all the regulars on the show including himself, albeit with the males either semi-naked or toally nude.

2) In Round 3, the clock music was replaced with California Gurls by Katy Perry and included multiple actors dancing in the centre of the studio. Incidentally, the studio lights were brightened to match that of the setting seen during the normal version of Countdown.

3) In Round 4, Joe sheepishly said he had 127 when he hadn't but after Jon Richardson agreed to help him out with the solution, he eventually got it, thus both teams were awarded the ten points. It is also notable that when Jimmy wanted to check Jon's solution, he burned his paper up with a lighter. However, it is assumed to be identical since he assisted Joe in the first place.

4) During the Conundrum, Joe initially did not believe there was a word and buzzed in to stop the clock, to which Jimmy fumbled and said "You're right there isn't a conun..." before realising what he said was nonsensical and resumed the clock. Sean also technically buzzed at the moment the 30 seconds was up based on the clock music, thus their answer was allowed and won the game.

NOTE 1: In this version, both players' declarations were allowed, although points were only awarded for the best answer.

NOTE 2: In Round 6, Joe's offering of POLLER should have been allowed as it is in the ODO. However, as Sean's word had the same length as both Jon and Jayde's, the scores would not have been affected.


Rnd Selection Joe & Sean Score Jon & Jayde Others Max.
1 IGTESGILO till ☓7
2 25 50 75 7 10 9 → 219 219 ☓
0 – 17 219

75 ÷ 25 × 7 × 10 + 9

TTT NOBCURSE You don't want to be hit by one. BOUNCERS
Rnd Selection Sean Lock Score Jayde Adams Others Max.
Rnd Selection Joe Wilkinson Score Jon Richardson Others Max.
4 50 6 7 3 1 4 → 127 127
3 × 50 − 4 × 7 + 6 − 1
17 – 27 127
3 × 50 − 4 × 7 + 6 − 1

TTT TUGONNIP Put your hands where I can see them. GUNPOINT
Rnd Selection Joe & Sean Score Jon & Jayde Others Max.
24 – 32 crapiest ☓
pearts ☓
TTT SEXPILOT Ready for an adventure. EXPLOITS
6 TUPLERMOL poller ☓**
30 – 38 MULLET
(21.5, 30 seconds)
40 – 38 76