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George Armstrong

From Countdown
George Armstrong in Series 78.
George Armstrong solving the conundrum in Episode 7221.

George Armstrong was a contestant in Series 78. He has since become an Apterite and an attender and organiser of Co:events, as well as a member of the ZoomDown team. He was also a moderator on the Countdowners Facebook group until December 2023.

He was the audience member who solved the conundrum in Episode 7221.

Armstrong first appeared on 30 March 2018 against John Cole, winning with 75 points to Cole's 69. He then won his second heat game on a tie-break conundrum. He then achieved a personal best of 104 points, before losing his fifth heat game to Luke O'Neill.

Armstrong returned to Countdown on 21 December 2020 for a special episode against Series 73 semi-finalist Tom Carey. The special was the first episode presented by Colin Murray, who had been the Dictionary Corner guest in Armstrong's last three heat shows in Series 78. Both players played a strong game and spotted PLANETOID for nine. Armstrong solved the conundrum, bowing out in another defeat with 110 points to Carey's strong 122 points. Armstrong's 110 was the highest losing score for a special, beating Scott Mearns's record set in Episode S9.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
6795 30/03/2018 P John Cole 69 – 75 George Armstrong Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Jay Rayner Susie Dent 135
6796 2/04/2018 P George Armstrong 78* – 68 Noel Jongwe Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Jay Rayner Susie Dent 146
6797 3/04/2018 P George Armstrong 104 – 89 Michael Stephenson Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Colin Murray Susie Dent 142
6798 4/04/2018 P George Armstrong 95 – 69 Danny Sarkissian Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Colin Murray Susie Dent 119
6799 5/04/2018 P George Armstrong 87 – 90 Luke O'Neill Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Colin Murray Susie Dent 148
S47 21/12/2020 S Tom Carey 122 – 110 George Armstrong Colin Murray Rachel Riley Rory Bremner Susie Dent 137
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum