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Celebrity Countdown Series 2

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Celebrity Countdown Series 2 is the second series of Celebrity Countdown, airing over 21 years after the first one ended, on Channel 4's sister network, More4. The More4 edition notably uses a scoring system whereby all players receive points for each solution, even if beaten by their opponents (equivalent to them receiving their "raw scores"). The first episode used the 13 round format LNCLLNLLNLLNC, while the second added an eighth letters game prior to the final numbers to produce a rearrangement of the old grand final 14-round format. Each show was an hour long. Some audience members were handed old and used letter cards which were signed by the players.

The series proved unsuccessful, achieving disappointingly low ratings and receiving a negative review on the UK Gameshows website. The first episode attracted 250,000 viewers before apparently losing half its audience in episode 2; these were shown in a 9:00pm time slot in November 2019. The remaining four shows were not shown until January, airing in four consecutive days at 6:55pm.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
C9 12/11/2019 CC Jay Rayner 58 – 50 Jo Brand Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Chris Packham Susie Dent 135
C10 19/11/2019 CC Charlie Higson 70 – 78 Rufus Hound Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Anna Richardson Susie Dent 120
C11 6/01/2020 CC Chris Packham 32 – 37 Charlotte Hawkins Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Jo Brand Susie Dent 110
C12 7/01/2020 CC Stuart Maconie 59 – 82 James O'Brien Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Rufus Hound Susie Dent 152
C13 8/01/2020 CC Sabrina Grant 28 – 46 Anna Richardson Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Rufus Hound Susie Dent 109
C14 9/01/2020 CC Christine Ohuruogu 31 – 65 Colin Murray Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Jo Brand Susie Dent 113

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