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Heather Badcock

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Heather Badcock

Heather Badcock was a contestant in Series 62.

In May 2010, she attended her first unofficial Countdown tournament, Co:Lon 2010. She subsequently participated in COLIN 2011, Co:Lon 2011 and COLIN 2012.

Her boyfriend is Apterous regular and c4countdown contributor Matt Morrison, who never stops going on about her in 80% of his posts. He must see her as quite a catch.

In 2012, she appeared on The Chase, along with Series 18 runner-up Mandi Hale.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4981 17/02/2010 P Christopher Smith 72 – 92 Heather Badcock Graham Cole Susie Dent 142
4982 18/02/2010 P Heather Badcock 82 – 54 Stevie Wright Graham Cole Susie Dent 122
4983 19/02/2010 P Heather Badcock 93 – 77 Irene Wilson Graham Cole Susie Dent 123
4984 22/02/2010 P Heather Badcock 86 – 89 Barney Maunder-Taylor Jenni Falconer Susie Dent 130
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