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Jimmy Gough

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Jimmy Gough
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionRunner-up
Points total782
Conundrums solved2
Jimmy puts a brave face on battling the Kirkulator in the series final.

Jimmy Gough was the runner-up of Series 60.

In Gough's debut episode, transmitted on 11 May 2009, he defeated Paul Casimir 115 – 84, scoring in every round. Throughout his run, which would prove to be that of an octochamp, he got numerous nine letter words such as LIONHEART. On one occasion he spotted two nines and achieved his highest score of 116. His conundrum offerings were infamously terrible, with five incorrect buzzes, including offering baulkline ☓ as the solution to the conundrum scramble BAULKLINE.

Gough's final octochamp total of 782 points was exactly the same as Cate Henderson's. However, Henderson was declared the #2 seed over Gough because she answered more conundrums correctly in the heats. As the #3 seed for the quarter-finals, Gough thus took on James Doohan. In a closely-fought encounter, he led going into the conundrum by just 9 points. NINECARAT was revealed; neither player could spot INCARNATE (though Gough did make a good guess, centarian ☓), so Gough advanced to the semi-final. Therein, he beat Hamish Williamson by 30 points, largely thanks to the nine-letter word REEDLINGS. All that now remained was the grand final against The Kirkulator. Though Gough made a good showing, he was beaten a few times by Bevins, who maxed the first 13 rounds, and a very hard conundrum, ROVINGERA, defeated both grand finalists to relegate Gough to runner-up position.

In May 2010, he attended his first unofficial Countdown tournament, Co:Lon 2010. He returned to London the following year for Co:Lon 2011.

Preceded by
Charlie Reams
Series runner-up
Series 60
Followed by
Andrew Hulme


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4814 11/05/2009 P Paul Casimir 84 – 115 Jimmy Gough Steve Davis Susie Dent 118
4815 12/05/2009 P Jimmy Gough 106 – 78 Dave Sorensen Steve Davis Susie Dent 138
4816 13/05/2009 P Jimmy Gough 96 – 84 Tony Hurst Steve Davis Susie Dent 121
4817 14/05/2009 P Jimmy Gough 113 – 46 Sue Morgan Steve Davis Susie Dent 120
4818 15/05/2009 P Jimmy Gough 116 – 53 Peter Tarrant Steve Davis Susie Dent 130
4819 18/05/2009 P Jimmy Gough 86 – 58 Gerry Buckley Rory McGrath Susie Dent 143
4820 19/05/2009 P Jimmy Gough 72 – 62 Kerr Nairn Rory McGrath Susie Dent 120
4821 20/05/2009 P Jimmy Gough 78 – 38 Tony Larlham Rory McGrath Susie Dent 117
4839 15/06/2009 QF James Doohan 74 – 83 Jimmy Gough Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 127
4842 18/06/2009 SF Hamish Williamson 58 – 88 Jimmy Gough Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 164
4843 19/06/2009 GF Jimmy Gough 59 – 102 Kirk Bevins Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 115
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