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Junior Championship

From Countdown

The Junior Championship was a special tournament that took place during Series 47.

It featured Perry Fung from Series 40, Amey Deshpande and Andrew Hulme from Series 42, and Bruce Lambert from Series 43 competed, with Andrew Hulme coming out the overall winner.

Three contestants from the Junior Championship would begin new runs on Countdown as adults. Amey Deshpande became an octochamp and quarter-finalist of Series 56, Andrew Hulme became an octochamp with a record 930 point total and runner-up in Series 61, and Bruce Lambert returned but lost his first game in Series 63.

These games were of the 9-round format, although broadcast during the 15-round era. They are (along with the Ladies' Championship in Series 49) the only 9-round games to feature Teatime Teasers or whatever they were called then.


Perry Fung vs Bruce Lambert Andrew Hulme vs Perry Fung
Andrew Hulme vs Amey Deshpande


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
3207 12/03/2002 JSF Bruce Lambert 26 – 45 Perry Fung Andi Peters Phiona Stanley 65
3208 13/03/2002 JSF Andrew Hulme 66 – 44 Amey Deshpande Andi Peters Phiona Stanley 82
3209 14/03/2002 JF Andrew Hulme 53 – 41 Perry Fung Andi Peters Phiona Stanley 72