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Moose Rosser

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Moose Rosser
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionRunner-up
Points total828
Conundrums solved6 (+1 tiebreak)
The Moose in Series 76.

Moose Rosser was an octochamp in and the runner-up of Series 76. He is a Welsh/Australian Head of Risk Management from Essex who became known as “The Moose” during his time on the show due to his sense of humour.

On his début, he scored 83 before winning a tiebreak conundrum in his second game. He increased his winning score from his third show to his seventh, where he scored 132 to better highest score of the series set by Stephen Read by 1 point. The Moose garnered a total of 828 points and qualified to return to the show in June for the series finals as #3 seed.

In the quarter-finals, Rosser prevailed over Wesley Jardine in a very close match, picking out the nine-letter word ETHNICIST and sneaking through on the unsolved crucial conundrum POLICECAR (ironically he previously served 31 and a half years in the police). He then achieved an upset in the semi-finals, knocking out #2 seed Jeff Clayton 88 – 84 by spotting that LOSTMYCAP became CYTOPLASM. Unfortunately, for the Moose, he was outclassed in the grand final - the last game to be played in the long-lived original version of the blue Countdown set - by 900-club member, Apterite and FOCAL player Stephen Read by 50 points. His runner-up finish arguably makes him among the strongest non-Apterites to appear on Countdown during the 2010s.

Preceded by
Andrew Macleod
Series runner-up
Series 76
Followed by
Bradley Horrocks


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
6586 19/05/2017 P Amber Cotton 36 – 83 Moose Rosser Chris Hollins Susie Dent 120
6587 22/05/2017 P Moose Rosser 90* – 80 Michael Hooker Chris Hollins Susie Dent 127
6588 23/05/2017 P Moose Rosser 104 – 35 Bob Saunders Chris Hollins Susie Dent 123
6589 24/05/2017 P Moose Rosser 106 – 44 Ellie Foster Dan Walker Susie Dent 127
6590 26/05/2017 P Moose Rosser 111 – 76 Peter Sheridan Dan Walker Susie Dent 147
6591 29/05/2017 P Moose Rosser 119 – 33 Sam Green Dan Walker Susie Dent 144
6592 30/05/2017 P Moose Rosser 132 – 30 Gareth Davies Dan Walker Susie Dent 136
6593 31/05/2017 P Moose Rosser 93 – 71 Michael Metcalf Dan Walker Susie Dent 158
6610 26/06/2017 QF Moose Rosser 81 – 71 Wesley Jardine Colin Murray Susie Dent 136
6613 29/06/2017 SF Jeff Clayton 84 – 88 Moose Rosser Colin Murray Susie Dent 121
6614 30/06/2017 GF Stephen Read 108 – 58 Moose Rosser Colin Murray Susie Dent 121
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum
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