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Ruth Collier

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Ruth Collier was a semi-finalist from Series 37. She was a 53-year-old barmaid from London.

She beat Mark Wyndham-Jones in her first appearance, and only managed another two wins before losing at the hands of Christine White. She returned for the final stages as #6 seed, and beat future World Scrabble Champion Brett Smitheram by way of a sudden-death conundrum in the quarter-final before losing to eventual series champion Ray McPhie in the semi-final. She returned for Championship of Champions IX, and beat Tony Baylis and Bhavin Manek on her way to the semi-final, where she lost to eventual champion of champions Natascha Kearsey.

Ruth's husband Quin later appeared in Series 39, but was less successful and admitted that she was always better than him at home.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2132 7/11/1997 P Mark Wyndham-Jones 54 – 62 Ruth Collier Rick Wakeman Susie Dent 74
2133 10/11/1997 P Ruth Collier 67 – 38 Sam Percy Jan Harvey Susie Dent 82
2134 11/11/1997 P Ruth Collier 47 – 23 Mark Stenton Jan Harvey Susie Dent 72
2135 12/11/1997 P Ruth Collier 60 – 64 Christine White Jan Harvey Susie Dent 85
2158 15/12/1997 QF Brett Smitheram 44 – 54* Ruth Collier Gyles Brandreth Mark Nyman 84
2161 18/12/1997 SF Ray McPhie 53 – 38 Ruth Collier Gyles Brandreth Mark Nyman 71
2169 6/01/1998 CP Tony Baylis 42 – 50 Ruth Collier Gloria Hunniford Mark Nyman 72
2174 13/01/1998 CQF Ruth Collier 54 – 44 Bhavin Manek Gloria Hunniford Mark Nyman 74
2176 15/01/1998 CSF Natascha Kearsey 59 – 56 Ruth Collier Tom O'Connor Mark Nyman 72
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum
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