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Simon Pryde

From Countdown

Simon Pryde was a semi-finalist from Series 36 in 1997.

A 25-year-old newsreader for Metro Radio in his hometown of Newcastle-upon-Tyne at the time, he beat Ann Franklin in his first appearance and won a further five games before losing by a single point to Steve Barry after a crucial conundrum. Pryde returned for the final rounds as #3 seed, and beat Philip Logie in the quarter-finals before losing to Maria Boyes on a crucial conundrum in the semis.

Pryde returned for Championship of Champions IX, and pulled off a minor upset by beating Series 34 champion Huw Morgan in the first round to set up a rematch with Maria Boyes in the quarter-finals. This time, Pryde emerged triumphant and progressed to the semi-finals, where he was beaten 47 – 41 by Pete Cashmore, on a crucial conundrum.

Although he was unable to proceed past the semi-finals of Series 36 or Championship of Champions IX, Pryde was one of the most consistent series finalists in the History of Countdown who never either reached or won a series or Championship of Champions grand final, as he was one of only a very few such contenders not to ever face a non-crucial conundrum where he had already lost the game. In all three of his defeats he lost on a crucial conundrum when behind on the scoreboard after neither player was able to solve the conundrum.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2076 21/08/1997 P Simon Pryde 51 - 23 Ann Franklin Gyles Brandreth Peter Sweasey 80
2077 22/08/1997 P Simon Pryde 66 - 29 Geneviève Chan Gyles Brandreth Peter Sweasey 74
2078 25/08/1997 P Simon Pryde 52 - 49 Bill Rodwell Gyles Brandreth Peter Sweasey 71
2079 26/08/1997 P Simon Pryde 64 - 35 Clive Doe Gyles Brandreth Peter Sweasey 70
2080 27/08/1997 P Simon Pryde 55 - 39 Margaret Blott Derek Nimmo Peter Sweasey 82
2081 28/08/1997 P Simon Pryde 54 - 45 Robin Lawson Derek Nimmo Peter Sweasey 72
2082 29/08/1997 P Simon Pryde 42 - 43 Steve Barry Derek Nimmo Peter Sweasey 73
2098 22/09/1997 QF Simon Pryde 58 - 39 Philip Logie Nicholas Parsons Hannah Robertson 71
2101 25/09/1997 SF Maria Boyes 43 - 40 Simon Pryde Nicholas Parsons Hannah Robertson 73
2165 31/12/1997 CP Huw Morgan 49 - 67 Simon Pryde Denis Norden Mark Nyman 75
2171 8/01/1998 CQF Simon Pryde 41 - 33 Maria Boyes Gloria Hunniford Mark Nyman 76
2175 14/01/1998 CSF Simon Pryde 41 - 47 Pete Cashmore Tom O'Connor Mark Nyman 73