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This particular teapot belongs to Series 53 octochamp Jon O'Neill.
For a list of people who have won a Countdown teapot, please see Category:Teapot owners.

The Countdown teapot is a fully functional teapot designed for brewing the popular hot drink tea. The outside of the pot is embellished with an attractive motif based on the clock used on the show, meaning that it also doubles up as an interesting ornament.

The teapot is not available to buy anywhere, but has been awarded to winners of at least one televised edition of Countdown since New Year's Eve 1998. Since then it has undergone several small stylistic revisions, most recently at the start of Series 60. However, it has maintained more or less the same appearance since its inception. The Countdown teapot has become a much sought after collectors' item, even causing some past contestants to sell theirs at auction where well looked after examples can fetch in the region of £150 - though selling a winners only item is not really in the spirit of the game.

The first contestants to receive Countdown teapots were the winner and runner-up of Series 39, i.e. Kate Ogilvie and Richard Saldanha respectively, and the first person to receive a Countdown teapot as a result of becoming daily champion was Barry Landman. Ironically, when one of the teapot's relatives Chris Philpot appeared on the show, he didn't win a teapot. However, this was later rectified by a very nice lady.

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Website of The Teapottery, the manufacturers of the Countdown teapot

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