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Y.T., the pseudonym of Paul White, was a finalist in Series 8.

At the time of recording, he was unemployed and about to start a degree at the then Huddersfield Polytechnic. He had used YT as a nickname for many years as a phonetic spelling of his long standing nickname 'Whitey'. Richard Whiteley really couldn't get the hang of pronouncing YT as 'Whitey'.

YT had been on standby for the programme during recording, and was unexpectedly called in to the chair having been sat watching events in the audience. Prior to starting his TV appearances, he had been swilling back Guinness courtesy of the production crew & the green room, and was somewhat worse for wear by the time he started recording. By the time he finished his stint on the programme, he was getting considerably hung over, and always blamed his inability to progress further on alcohol deprivation. For the show, YT had a badge with the words "Enemy of the State" written on it, which the producers claimed they had considered asking him to remove.

He won his first round courtesy of the conundrum DECIDUOUS, and went on to win another 2 rounds, usually by a narrow margin. No-one was more surprised than he was to be recalled back, even more so to beat his opponent in the quarter-final. To be beaten by the eventual series winner was some consolation.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
371 19/02/1986 P Y.T. (Paul White) 56 – 46 Sandie Simonis Gyles Brandreth Hilary McGlynn 73
372 20/02/1986 P Y.T. (Paul White) 59 – 49 Steve Lang Gyles Brandreth Hilary McGlynn 75
373 21/02/1986 P Y.T. (Paul White) 45 – 30 Tim Ramsey Gyles Brandreth Hilary McGlynn 73
374 24/02/1986 P Y.T. (Paul White) 20 – 57 Di Dennis Gyles Brandreth Hilary McGlynn 94
394 24/03/1986 QF Y.T. (Paul White) 48 – 35 Roy Jackson Gyles Brandreth Julia Swannell 94
395 25/03/1986 SF Clive Spate 56 – 26 Y.T. (Paul White) Gyles Brandreth Julia Swannell 85
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