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Aaron Webber

From Countdown
Aaron Webber
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionSemi-finalist
Points total773
Conundrums solved5

Aaron Webber was an octochamp in Series 56.

He began his career by defeating Pam Smith on 23 April 2007 to take the champion's chair. With three centuries to his name, Webber's 773 points secured him the #1 seed spot for the series finals.

Webber met Stewart Gordon in the quarter-finals. Webber looked to have secured the victory when declaring the final numbers game spot-on when 11 points ahead, however a mistake in his working let Gordon back into the game. When neither player could turn IDEALSNOG into ALONGSIDE in the allotted time, Webber just scraped into the semi-finals. Anita Freeland was next, in another game that went to a crucial conundrum. Webber had the deficit this time, however that was academic as Freeland turned IDLEDONNA into DANDELION in just 2 seconds to take the grand final berth for herself.

An early version of the bracket for Championship of Champions XIII indicated Webber as a potential participant, with Steven Briers as his scheduled first-round opponent. However, he declined his invitation to the tournament, and was replaced by a Series 59 quarter-finalist, Debbi Flack.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4338 23/04/2007 P Pam Smith 75 - 111 Aaron Webber Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 135
4339 24/04/2007 P Aaron Webber 96 - 47 Christina Dow Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 132
4340 25/04/2007 P Aaron Webber 93 - 40 Richard Wakefield Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 118
4341 26/04/2007 P Aaron Webber 86 - 47 Nina Walters Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 127
4342 27/04/2007 P Aaron Webber 98 - 45 Ken Hudson Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 116
4343 30/04/2007 P Aaron Webber 104 - 51 Dorothy Massey Thelma Barlow Susie Dent 140
4344 1/05/2007 P Aaron Webber 75 - 28 David Butler Thelma Barlow Susie Dent 127
4345 2/05/2007 P Aaron Webber 110 - 39 Bill Blades Thelma Barlow Susie Dent 132
4376 14/06/2007 QF Stewart Gordon 81 - 85 Aaron Webber Gyles Brandreth Susie Dent 129
4380 20/06/2007 SF Anita Freeland 97 - 86 Aaron Webber Jo Brand Susie Dent 128