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Steven Briers

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Steven Briers
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionQuarter-finalist
Points total843
Conundrums solved6
Steve Briers in the Championship of Champions XIII final against Charlie Reams.
Steven Briers in the 30th Birthday Championship four years later.

Steven Briers was an octochamp in Series 55 and the winner of Championship of Champions XIII, as well as a participant in the 30th Birthday Championship. He is from Southampton and is most renowned for his bizarre style of solving numbers rounds.

Known as Steve during CoC XIII, he first appeared on 3 November 2006, beating Richard Woodward 76 – 62. He vastly improved and hammered Dean Rowley 136 – 41 in his second game, setting the then fifth-highest ever score and the then second-highest ever winning margin in Countdown history. He won six more games to become an octochamp and the No. 1 seed, amassing a total of 843 points. However, he was defeated in the quarter-final by Phil Watson; the only time to date in which a No. 1 seed lost a quarter-final match under the 15-round format.

Despite not making past the quarter-final, Briers was selected to return for the Championship of Champions XIII, beating Debbi Flack partly thanks to the nine-letter word ANTIPODES in the first letters game. In the quarter-finals, he faced David O'Donnell, who was unbeaten with 12 wins from 12 games. The scores were close all the way, until Briers spotted the nine-letter word PESTICIDE when O'Donnell only had a seven. The players continued to score in every round, until the conundrum, where Briers led by 18 points. O'Donnell solved the conundrum in 0.5 seconds, but it wasn't enough as he lost 118 – 110 to Briers, one of the highest ever losing scores.

In the semi-final, he faced Nick Wainwright in another close game, including a brilliant six-small numbers solution from Wainwright. However, Briers was 5 points into the lead going into the conundrum VARIFOCAL, which neither player solved, so it was Briers that went through to the final.

In the final, he faced Charlie Reams. Reams started with LEPTON while Briers has OPULENT for seven. Briers maintained this lead until he had REENACT disallowed. Briers then took the lead, first with SNOOZED, then another seven points when Reams went wrong on the numbers. A seven, a six and a five for both players meant that Reams had to beat Briers on the final numbers game to force a crucial conundrum. However Reams declared nothing, and Briers declared 5 away. Briers had won the tournament, and just the conundrum remained. The conundrum was ELITEBOUT. Briers first buzzed in with LIBOUETTE which was wrong, and then comically Reams buzzed in with GANDISEEG, referring to Richard Brittain's guess at the conundrum in the first round.

Briers returned to Countdown in 2013, as one of 41 contestants taking part in the 30th Birthday Championship. He lost his only match against Series 61 runner-up Andrew Hulme by a score of 113 – 74.

Preceded by
Paul Gallen
Champion of Champions
Championship of Champions XIII
Followed by
Dylan Taylor


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4227 3/11/2006 P Richard Woodward 62 – 76 Steven Briers Jo Brand Susie Dent 127
4228 6/11/2006 P Steven Briers 136 – 41 Dean Rowley Tony Christie Susie Dent 142
4229 7/11/2006 P Steven Briers 106 – 56 Vicky Hubble Tony Christie Susie Dent 124
4230 8/11/2006 P Steven Briers 116 – 68 Carl Gregory Tony Christie Susie Dent 134
4231 9/11/2006 P Steven Briers 108 – 59 Glenda Fullard Tony Christie Susie Dent 119
4232 10/11/2006 P Steven Briers 110 – 93 Dan Ward Tony Christie Susie Dent 141
4233 13/11/2006 P Steven Briers 92 – 53 Jennifer Brown Keith Barron Susie Dent 129
4234 14/11/2006 P Steven Briers 99 – 55 Sue Pascoe Keith Barron Susie Dent 127
4256 14/12/2006 QF Steven Briers 72 – 82 Phil Watson Ken Bruce Susie Dent 138
4740 21/01/2009 CP Steve Briers 121 – 74 Debbi Flack Alastair Stewart Susie Dent 126
4741 22/01/2009 CQF Steve Briers 118 – 110 David O'Donnell Alastair Stewart Susie Dent 130
4745 28/01/2009 CSF Steve Briers 87 – 82 Nick Wainwright Paul Zenon Susie Dent 119
4747 30/01/2009 CGF Charlie Reams 67 – 88 Steve Briers Paul Zenon Susie Dent 114
5622 16/01/2013 30BP Andrew Hulme 113 – 74 Steven Briers Martin Lewis Susie Dent 127

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