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Des Lynam

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Episodes presented by Des Lynam
GOTD des lynam.jpg
First appearance 31 October 2005
Last appearance 22 December 2006
Appearances as host 303
Episodes with Des Lynam as host
Guest appearances of Des Lynam
First appearance 26 March 2010
Last appearance 26 March 2010
Appearances as guest 1
Episodes with Des Lynam as guest

Des Lynam (born 17 September 1942) was the host of Countdown between Series 54 and Series 55, including the legendary Championship of Champions XII.

He had appeared as a contestant on Celebrity Countdown in 1998, posting a respectable 32 against Siân Lloyd's 17.

After the death of Richard Whiteley, the show took a four-month hiatus, returning on 31 October 2005 with Mr Lynam as the new presenter. He was a popular choice with fans, but the commute from Countdown's Leeds home to his own in West Sussex proved too much, and he left at the end of Series 55, to be replaced by Des O'Connor.

Before joining Countdown, Mr Lynam started as a radio presenter, then became the presenter of Match of the Day and Grandstand on the BBC, and later defected to ITV when they bought the rights to show the Premiership. He spent just one year as the host of Countdown, and most recently appeared on adverts advertising Setanta Sports, a now defunct sport channel that used to show Premiership matches.

Mr Lynam has written an autobiography, titled I Should Have Been At Work. It was published shortly after he took over as host of Countdown.

He returned to Countdown as a Dictionary Corner guest on 26 March 2010, as part of the commemorations held for Countdown's 5,000th episode: he was honoured further with the conundrum DESLHINAM.

Des with Carol and Susie: Would you buy a used teapot from these people?
Des Lynam at the letters board with Carol Vorderman.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
C1 23/04/1998 CC Des Lynam 32 – 17 Siân Lloyd Magnus Magnusson Anna Eaton 59

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