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Amy Godel

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Amy Godel

Amy Godel was a semi-finalist from Series 35. She was a 37-year-old hypnotherapist, originally from Jersey but living in Wolvercote, Oxfordshire.

She first appeared toward the end of the series, beating Robert Jones in her first appearance by coming from behind to win by three points (52 – 49) when she spotted the crucial conundrum just ahead of her opponent, and racked up a further four wins before losing at the hands of Andy Stacey. She returned for the finals stage just over a week later as #5 seed, where she was awaited in the fourth and last quarter-final by #4 seed Robert Jones – a rematch of their earlier game in the heats; unlike their previous encounter, where Jones had led for the entire game only for Godel to pip him at the Conundrum, this time Godel dominated the game from the outset, winning comfortably by 60 – 12, before eventually losing to Dag Griffiths in the semi-final. Godelreturned for Championship of Champions IX, but lost to Maria Boyes in the first round.

Godel has appeared on many other game shows, with a great deal of success, including Pass the Buck, 100%, Weakest Link, Only Connect, where she captained the Cosmopolitans team to the final, and most notably, Fifteen to One, making six appearances between September 1997 and November 1998, including three wins and two grand final appearances, coming runner-up in the former in March 1998. She has also appeared on Are You an Egghead?, Hive Minds, Very Hard Questions and Beat the Chasers. She was a standby panelist for the quiz show Eggheads, in case one of the regulars was unavailable, though her services were never required.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2023 9/06/1997 P Robert Jones 49 – 52 Amy Godel Tom O'Connor Rob Scriven 71
2024 10/06/1997 P Andrew Satterthwaite 32 – 36 Amy Godel Tom O'Connor Rob Scriven 74
2025 11/06/1997 P Caroline Senior 36 – 43 Amy Godel Tom O'Connor Rob Scriven 83
2026 12/06/1997 P Roger Graham 19 – 67 Amy Godel Nigel Rees Rob Scriven 77
2027 13/06/1997 P Angela Sanderson 42 – 54 Amy Godel Nigel Rees Rob Scriven 83
2028 16/06/1997 P Andy Stacey 54 – 33 Amy Godel Nigel Rees Rob Scriven 72
2034 24/06/1997 QF Robert Jones 12 – 60 Amy Godel Terry Wogan Catherine Stokes 74
2035 25/06/1997 SF Dag Griffiths 48 – 41 Amy Godel Ken Bruce Catherine Stokes 69
2166 1/01/1998 CP Maria Boyes 54 – 37 Amy Godel Denis Norden Mark Nyman 74
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