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Dag Griffiths

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Dag Griffiths
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionRunner-up
Points total453
Conundrums solved4
Dag Griffiths during his debut.

Dag Griffiths was the runner-up of Series 35.

A 55-year old retired school teacher originally from Cheshire, his unusual name came from his initials – David Arthur Griffiths. Griffiths beat five-time winner Stuart Barker in his first appearance, and racked up a further seven wins to become an octochamp and #1 seed for the final stages without facing a crucial conundrum in any of his eight games.

He beat Sue Henning in the quarter-final in a low-scoring game in which he faced his first crcual conundrum, emerging triumphant after neither player was able to spot the Conundrum, and then came from behind on the Conundrum to defeat Amy Godel in the semi-final, but lost the final to Pete Cashmore after Pete unscrambled the crucial conundrum. Griffiths returned for Championship of Champions IX, but was beaten in the first round by Bhavin Manek.

Griffiths would return to the Countdown studios one more time to record a special game, facing Pete Cashmore once again in a rematch of their grand-final, where this time he came away victorious.

Griffiths has also been a series champion on Countdown's former sister show Fifteen to One (Series 29 – 2000) and has come closer than anyone else to "doing the double" of winning both. He later appeared on the new version of the show in October 2014, however, he was beaten on this occasion by fellow former Countdown contestant Jon Stitcher.

Preceded by
Harshan Lamabadusuriya
Series runner-up
Series 35
Followed by
Maria Boyes


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
1996 1/05/1997 P Stuart Barker 32 – 45 Dag Griffiths Angela Rippon Susie Dent 72
1997 2/05/1997 P Olive Checkley 26 – 56 Dag Griffiths Angela Rippon Susie Dent 71
1998 5/05/1997 P Devansh Trehan 29 – 66 Dag Griffiths Angela Rippon Susie Dent 82
1999 6/05/1997 P Steve Dalton 17 – 43 Dag Griffiths Angela Rippon Susie Dent 59
2000 7/05/1997 P Jo Lockett 23 – 48 Dag Griffiths Angela Rippon Susie Dent 73
2001 8/05/1997 P Bob Dunmall 15 – 65 Dag Griffiths Terry Wogan Susie Dent 72
2002 9/05/1997 P Gordon Smith 21 – 60 Dag Griffiths Terry Wogan Susie Dent 70
2003 12/05/1997 P Alison Whitley 35 – 70 Dag Griffiths Terry Wogan Susie Dent 84
2031 19/06/1997 QF Dag Griffiths 32 – 25 Sue Henning Nigel Rees Rob Scriven 70
2035 25/06/1997 SF Dag Griffiths 48 – 41 Amy Godel Ken Bruce Catherine Stokes 69
2037 27/06/1997 GF Dag Griffiths 88 – 95 Peter Cashmore Ken Bruce, Terry Wogan Catherine Stokes 120
2170 7/01/1998 CP Dag Griffiths 44 – 67 Bhavin Manek Gloria Hunniford Mark Nyman 72
S15 14/06/2004 S Pete Cashmore 66 – 107 Dag Griffiths Geoffrey Durham Susie Dent 121
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