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Apterous Simulation of a Series

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Apterous Simulation of a Series, known as aptoSOS, was originally organised by Ian Dent in March 2010. The idea broke down until Matt Morrison revived it in December 2010. Described by Morrison as "disappointingly slow", it differs from normal Series by have tetrachamps instead of octochamps. The series was a major success before going on hiatus in 2020.

Matt Morrison takeover

Matt Morrison took over in December 2010 after the first game between Ian Volante and Rhys Benjamin whereupon Volante beat Benjamin by 106 – 29 at the start of December 2010. Charlie Reams made a return to his own website and beat Volante 102 – 86. Reams went on to beat Michael Wallace but lost to Dinos Sfyris. Sfyris went on to become the first tetrachamp, and the tournament became a huge success with huge numbers of participants.

To date, seven series and one "Championship of Champions" were played.


Year Series Winner
2011 .01 Innis Carson
2013 .02 Chris Hare
2014 .03 Innis Carson
2015 .04 Jack Worsley
.COC.I: Callum Todd
2016 .05 Jack Worsley
2018 .06 Zarte Siempre
2020 .07 Elliott Mellor
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