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Innis Carson

From Countdown
Innis Carson
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionSemi-finalist
Points total861
Conundrums solved7
Innis Carson in Series 61...
...and again in the 30th Birthday Championship.

Innis Carson was an octochamp and semi-finalist in Series 61 and a participant in the 30th Birthday Championship. He was a Scottish chemistry student at Edinburgh University.

Appearances on the show

Heat games

He made his debut in June 2009, and impressed with his high scores and rapid conundrum solves, his first 6 each being solved in under a second. His score of 861, made him the No. 3 seed of Series 61.


After dispatching Jeffrey Burgin in the quarters, he came up against the No. 2 seed, Chris Davies, and after beating him with INTENSE and SOLENOID, he had a 15 point lead with 2 rounds left, but he only got 1 away in the last numbers game, leaving it all hinging on the crucial conundrum EPITUSSLE, and with less than 5 seconds left, Davies unscrambled it to SLEEPSUIT, giving him the win by 102 – 97.

30th Birthday Championship

He returned to Countdown in 2013, as one of 41 contestants taking part in the 30th Birthday Championship. He received a bye to the first round, and won his first game against Series 64 runner-up Adam Gillard by a score of 116 – 91. He then played Series 60 champion Kirk Bevins in a phenomenal match, decided on a second conundrum, after both Carson and Bevins incorrectly guessed the first one.

Tournaments and Co-events

After filming the Countdown finals, he won the online Apterous Winter Closed 2009 Speed Demon tournament.

In May 2010, he attended and won his first unofficial Countdown tournament, Co:Lon 2010, and he returned to defend his title at Co:Lon 2011, but fared less well second time around. He then won the CobliviLon tournament in 2012, followed by winning COEDI on home turf in November 2012, where he set a new record for the highest score in a "live" (as opposed to online play) 9 round format game with a score of 99 in a preliminary game against Paul James. Carson has continued an impressive streak in Countdown tournaments, winning COLIN XI and Co:Glasgow 2015 in 2015, and the inaugural Co:Leeds in 2016.

Innis no longer plays Countdown regularly, but still stays on as co-host of many events which include Manchester, Newcastle and Milton Keynes.

Appearances on quiz shows

In 2015, he appeared on Only Connect as part of the "Scientists" team, with fellow Apterite Ian Volante. Later, in 2017, he captained the Edinburgh University team on University Challenge. The team went on to make the semi-finals of the series in 2018.


Away from Countdown, Carson currently lives in Belfast working as a question writer/researcher on the BBC Two quiz show Mastermind.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Presenters Guest Lex Max
4847 25/06/2009 P Clive Brooker 68 – 106 Innis Carson Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Tim Vine Susie Dent 132
4848 26/06/2009 P Innis Carson 115 – 57 Martyn Brewer Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Tim Vine Susie Dent 121
4849 29/06/2009 P Innis Carson 111 – 61 Duncan MacPhail Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Matt Le Tissier Susie Dent 119
4850 30/06/2009 P Innis Carson 108 – 43 Trudi Harding Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Matt Le Tissier Susie Dent 121
4851 1/07/2009 P Innis Carson 102 – 43 Allan Barnes Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Matt Le Tissier Susie Dent 139
4852 2/07/2009 P Innis Carson 94 – 47 Mike Moran Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Matt Le Tissier Susie Dent 127
4853 3/07/2009 P Innis Carson 115 – 70 Danny Marsh Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Matt Le Tissier Susie Dent 129
4854 6/07/2009 P Innis Carson 110 – 67 Chris Bergman Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Donal MacIntyre Susie Dent 123
4949 14/12/2009 QF Innis Carson 111 – 70 Jeffrey Burgin Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Rory McGrath Susie Dent 131
4952 17/12/2009 SF Chris Davies 102 – 97 Innis Carson Jeff Stelling Rachel Riley Rory McGrath Susie Dent 118
5629 25/01/2013 30B1 Innis Carson 116 – 91 Adam Gillard Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Margaret Mountford Susie Dent 137
5645 18/02/2013 30B2 Innis Carson 102 – 112* Kirk Bevins Nick Hewer Rachel Riley Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 120
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum