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Adam Gillard

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Adam Gillard
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionRunner-up
Points total903
Conundrums solved7
Adam Gillard in the 30th Birthday Championship.

Adam Gillard was an octochamp in and runner-up of Series 64, and a participant in the 30th Birthday Championship. He was a student from Middlesex. He is also an Apterite.

He won eight heat games early on in Series 64 to achieve a total of 903 points, becoming only the sixth player in history to score over 900 as well as the sixth to achieve centuries in all of his preliminary games. His most convincing victory was in his final heat against Mavis Riley, where he spotted the nine RELATIONS to lead 51 – 0, a record margin after the first half. He proceeded to beat his opponent with words such as PEDALO and HARDENER as well as another nine, SIGNATURE, and became the second player ever, after Julian Fell, to win a game by over 100 points.

In the finals, he returned as #1 seed, beating #8 seed Michelle Nevitt in the quarters. Nevitt provided competition with the nine CONVERTER, but AIRIEST, MORALISE and good numbers skills proved Gillard as the victor. #4 seed Andy McGurn was next, in the semis; Gillard achieved a 108 – 52 victory, including the apt conundrum ONWARDIGO.

Gillard then took on Edward McCullagh in a Grand Final of a high standard. However, McCullagh beat him with BROWNIES, CARDIO and a very difficult 6-small numbers game, with Gillard failing to win a single round. Gillard ultimately emerged the runner-up 113 – 94.

He returned to Countdown in 2013, as one of 41 contestants taking part in the 30th Birthday Championship. He was a late replacement for Series 63 semi-finalist Marcus Hares, but he received a bye to the first round, but lost his only game against Series 61 semi-finalist Innis Carson by a score of 116 – 91.

He went to his first Countdown tournament in 2012, when he attended CobliviLon, where he set a new record for the highest score in a "live" (as opposed to online play) 9 round format game with a 95 – 77 win over James Robinson. This score has since been surpassed by Innis Carson, who scored 99 in a 9-rounder at COEDI later in the same year.

Preceded by
Eoin Monaghan
Series runner-up
Series 64
Followed by
Carl Williams


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
5181 12/01/2011 P Gavin Cooksley 51 – 106 Adam Gillard Tim Vine Susie Dent 116
5182 13/01/2011 P Adam Gillard 105 – 36 Fran Dyson Tim Vine Susie Dent 129
5183 14/01/2011 P Adam Gillard 126 – 70 Ray Li Tim Vine Susie Dent 129
5184 17/01/2011 P Adam Gillard 113 – 65 Andy Turner Jonathan Maitland Susie Dent 116
5185 18/01/2011 P Adam Gillard 110 – 74 Liz Prior Jonathan Maitland Susie Dent 131
5186 19/01/2011 P Adam Gillard 116 – 32 Cheryl Cutler Jonathan Maitland Susie Dent 151
5187 20/01/2011 P Adam Gillard 102 – 75 Adam Manning Jonathan Maitland Susie Dent 131
5188 21/01/2011 P Adam Gillard 125 – 23 Mavis Riley Jonathan Maitland Susie Dent 141
5272 26/05/2011 QF Michelle Nevitt 76 – 117 Adam Gillard Alistair McGowan Susie Dent 129
5276 1/06/2011 SF Adam Gillard 108 – 52 Andy McGurn Gregg Wallace Susie Dent 133
5278 3/06/2011 GF Adam Gillard 94 – 113 Edward McCullagh Gregg Wallace Susie Dent 127
5629 25/01/2013 30B1 Innis Carson 116 – 91 Adam Gillard Margaret Mountford Susie Dent 137
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