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Andy McGurn

From Countdown
Andy McGurn
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionSemi-finalist
Points total702
Conundrums solved3
Andy McGurn

Andy McGurn was an octochamp and finalist in Series 64. He is an Apterite and is a member of c4countdown. At time of recording, he was a social worker from Leeds.

McGurn first appeared midway through Series 64, stopping the run of future finalist Michelle Nevitt by defeating her 94 – 54. After a lower score in his second game, he climbed to 110 in his third, by way of the impressive ADAGIOS and KATIPOS as well as perfect numbers and conundrum rounds. Although this proved his only century, McGurn stayed alive, going on to defeat five more opponents to retire as an octochamp with 702 points.

McGurn was #4 seed for the quarter-finals, inevitably setting him up for a close match against #5, fellow Apterite Ned Pendleton. For a time, Pendleton led by 8 points, but McGurn caught back up with TOMATINE, and a laughably easy final numbers game was followed by a conundrum that neither player was able to unscramble in the time. A second conundrum, ONIONPIGS, was thus necessary. Pendleton buzzed first, but his answer was incorrect, leaving McGurn to correctly get POISONING and win. In the semi-finals, however, he was defeated by Adam Gillard.

He made his CO-event debut at Co:Lon 2011. He then appeared at COLIN 2012, COHUD and CobliviLon.

In November 2020, he appeared on Only Connect.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
5220 8/03/2011 P Michelle Nevitt 54 - 94 Andy McGurn John Parrott Susie Dent 121
5221 9/03/2011 P Andy McGurn 64 - 58 Adam Fleetwood John Parrott Susie Dent 120
5222 10/03/2011 P Andy McGurn 110 - 56 Pam Hill John Parrott Susie Dent 120
5223 11/03/2011 P Andy McGurn 76 - 47 Michael Hastings John Parrott Susie Dent 117
5224 21/03/2011 P Andy McGurn 94 - 87 James Hall Donal MacIntyre Susie Dent 119
5225 22/03/2011 P Andy McGurn 82 - 52 Emily Finnan Donal MacIntyre Susie Dent 129
5226 23/03/2011 P Andy McGurn 96 - 83 Peter McLoughlin Donal MacIntyre Susie Dent 126
5227 24/03/2011 P Andy McGurn 86 - 56 John Maddox Donal MacIntyre Susie Dent 149
5275 31/05/2011 QF Ned Pendleton 89 - 99* Andy McGurn Gregg Wallace Susie Dent 118
5276 1/06/2011 SF Adam Gillard 108 - 52 Andy McGurn Gregg Wallace Susie Dent 133
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum