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Apterous Winter Closed 2009 Speed Demon

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The Apterous Winter Closed 2009 Speed Demon tournament was held from 8 November to 23 December, 2009, on the Apterous website as part of the Apterous Winter Closed 2009 series of tournaments. It was organized by Andrew Feist.

Overall results

 1. Innis Carson
2. Charlie Reams
3. Kirk Bevins
4. Kai Laddiman
5. Dinos Sfyris
6. James Hurrell
7. Nick Wainwright
8. Martin May
9t Matt Bayfield
9t Ian Volante
11. Simon Myers
12. Michael Wallace
13. Oliver Garner
14. James Robinson
15t Stuart Arnot
15t Andrew Feist
17t Lesley Hines
17t Phil Makepeace
19. Peter Lee
20. Matthew Tassier
21. Jim Bentley
22t Ben Hunter
22t Julie Taylor
24. Andrew Herbertson
25. Tom Rowell
26. Ian Dent
27. Matt Morrison
28. Andy Wilson

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