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James Hurrell

From Countdown
James Hurrell
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionQuarter-finalist
Points total838
Conundrums solved7
James in his Champion of Champions episode against David O'Donnell.

James Hurrell was a finalist in Series 57.

Hurrell started his run in Series 56, winning five games before he was stopped by the Series quarter-finals. When he returned as champion at the start of Series 57 he racked up three more wins to become an octochamp, with a total score of 838 points. He returned for the finals as number 2 seed behind Craig Beevers. There he lost to seven-time winner Steve Baines on a crucial conundrum, as Baines unravelled BOULEVARD after nine seconds to amass exactly 100 points.

He returned for the Championship of Champions XIII where he faced the unbeaten David O'Donnell in the first round. Notably, this was the first game overseen by Jeff Stelling and Rachel Riley. In the game itself, both contestants performed well in a nip and tuck game that had to be decided by a crucial conundrum. However, it was O'Donnell who spotted that NICEROOTS became CORTISONE in less than a second, winning the game by 19 points.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
4371 7/06/2007 P John Holland 67 – 121 James Hurrell Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 141
4372 8/06/2007 P James Hurrell 100 – 75 Kathleen McAulay Dr Phil Hammond Susie Dent 129
4373 11/06/2007 P James Hurrell 113 – 48 Phil Robertshaw Gyles Brandreth Susie Dent 120
4374 12/06/2007 P James Hurrell 88 – 34 Eileen Blackburn Gyles Brandreth Susie Dent 121
4375 13/06/2007 P James Hurrell 101 – 60 Peter Palfrey Gyles Brandreth Susie Dent 131
4383 25/06/2007 P James Hurrell 107 – 60 Stella McKenzie Dennis Taylor Susie Dent 139
4384 26/06/2007 P James Hurrell 93 – 54 Philip Makepeace Dennis Taylor Susie Dent 116
4385 27/06/2007 P James Hurrell 115 – 47 Avis Lockwood Dennis Taylor Susie Dent 141
4503 14/12/2007 QF Steve Baines 100 – 83 James Hurrell Henry Blofeld Alison Heard 129
4733 12/01/2009 CP David O'Donnell 101 – 82 James Hurrell Andrew Sachs Susie Dent 119