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Concise Oxford Dictionary

From Countdown
The Concise Oxford Dictionary seventh edition, one of the show's former dictionaries.
Concise Oxford Dictionary (COD) is separate to Oxford English Dictionary (OED), Oxford Dictionary of English (ODE) and Oxford Dictionaries Premium (ODP).

The Concise Oxford Dictionary (COD) was the source dictionary used to adjudicate words on Countdown from Series 1 (1982) to Series 42 (2000). It continued to use updated editions of it until the disaster of the tenth edition, in which many compound words were removed if their meanings were considered from their constituents. After Helen Wrigglesworth lost her fifth game by virtue of having ROADSIDE disallowed, the tenth edition was replaced by the return of the ninth edition in three episodes later. It was realised that this sort of dictionary was not suitable for the letters games, and so the following series switched to the New Oxford Dictionary of English (NODE).

Timeline of editions used in Dictionary Corner

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