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Helen Wrigglesworth

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Helen Wrigglesworth was a contestant in Series 41 and a finalist in Series 42.

She was an IT Project Analyst from York. She was ruled to have suffered a bad call when her offering ROADSIDE was disallowed by Mark Nyman in her fifth game on account of the fact it was not in the Concise Oxford Dictionary, causing her to lose by two points. The production team felt she had been unfairly treated as a result, and with the previous edition of the dictionary restored, she was invited to return to continue her run during the next filming block. She was credited with the extra win and points, allowing her to qualify for the quarter finals, wherein she lost to series winner Michael Calder.


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2666 16/12/1999 P Howard Parker 30 – 42 Helen Wrigglesworth Carol Barnes Damian Eadie 83
2679 3/01/2000 P Helen Wrigglesworth 53 – 40 Joanna Newman Richard Digance Mark Nyman 73
2680 4/01/2000 P Helen Wrigglesworth 42 – 20 Colin Sanders Richard Digance Mark Nyman 75
2681 5/01/2000 P Helen Wrigglesworth 49 – 19 Michael Heptinstall Richard Digance Mark Nyman 76
2682 6/01/2000 P Helen Wrigglesworth 38 – 40 Malcolm McInnes Richard Digance Mark Nyman 72
2717 24/02/2000 P Helen Wrigglesworth 43 – 54 Andy Brown Penny Smith Damian Eadie 76
2792 13/06/2000 QF Michael Calder 55 – 29 Helen Wrigglesworth Ned Sherrin Damian Eadie 95
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