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Michael Calder (Series 42)

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Michael Calder (Series 42)
Octochamp Statistics
Final positionChampion
Points total462
Conundrums solved5 (+2 tiebreaks)
For other people called Michael Calder, see Michael Calder.

Michael Calder was an octochamp in and the champion of Series 42, and a participant in Championship of Champions XI. Although his name plate said Michael, he was referred to throughout as Mike.

He first appeared on Countdown on 31 January 2000, beating Peter Hindes 59 – 49 in a nail-biting game, only triumphing after a sudden death conundrum. Calder went on to win a further 7 games, including another via a sudden death conundrum, and returned for the final rounds as an octochamp and #2 seed.

He first beat Helen Wrigglesworth in the quarter-finals 55 – 29, with Calder spotting FLEAPIT, RANCHEROS and the conundrum DRIFTWOOD. In the semi-final, the words MORTICES and INJURED allowed him to avoid a crucial conundrum against Terence O'Farrell, which was all the less controversial because the solution to the conundrum was in fact an invalid word (SCRAPHEAP). This brought him to a final showdown with John Hastings. In the final, Calder got off to a roaring start, spotting the brilliant 9-letter word MYOGLOBIN to take an 18 – 0 lead, and never looked back. Calder eventually won by a score of 101 – 72, becoming a Xicount and the champion of the 42nd series in the process.

Calder was invited back for Championship of Champions XI in 2003, and had the distinction of playing the first ever game on the purple-and-pink set that would be used on Countdown for six years. Unfortunately, he was beaten by Loz Sands, with the main difference between the two being Sands' taking 30 points on the numbers game to Calder's 0.

Preceded by
Scott Mearns
Series winner
Series 42
Followed by
Graham Nash


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
2699 31/01/2000 P Peter Hindes 49 – 59* Michael Calder Don Black Susie Dent 70
2700 1/02/2000 P Michael Calder 64 – 40 Carol Hogan Don Black Susie Dent 74
2701 2/02/2000 P Michael Calder 56* – 46 Clarissa Caröe Don Black Susie Dent 72
2702 3/02/2000 P Michael Calder 50 – 46 Gerry Ratzin Tim Rice Susie Dent 84
2703 4/02/2000 P Michael Calder 64 – 37 Sue Meredith Tim Rice Susie Dent 72
2704 7/02/2000 P Michael Calder 54 – 49 Daniel Green Tim Rice Susie Dent 74
2705 8/02/2000 P Michael Calder 58 – 32 Marjorie Clark Tim Rice Susie Dent 72
2706 9/02/2000 P Michael Calder 57 – 47 Andrew Hulme Tim Rice Susie Dent 74
2792 13/06/2000 QF Michael Calder 55 – 29 Helen Wrigglesworth Ned Sherrin Damian Eadie 95
2796 22/06/2000 SF Michael Calder 55 – 40 Terence O'Farrell Joan Bakewell Damian Eadie 72
2797 23/06/2000 GF Michael Calder 101 – 72 John Hastings Joan Bakewell Damian Eadie 126
3390 6/01/2003 CP Michael Calder 60 – 77 Loz Sands Martin Jarvis Susie Dent 127
* includes 10 points from a tie-break conundrum
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