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David Reid (Series 11)

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For other people called David Reid, see David Reid.

David Reid was the runner-up of Series 11 and a participant in the Supreme Championship.

A crossword enthusiast from Edinburgh, he won three heats before being beaten by James Wilkie, and returned for the final rounds as #7 seed. In the final rounds, he beat Alan Johnson and Ken Heaton in the quarter- and semi-finals respectively, but lost the final 97 – 61 to John Clarke.

Reid did not play in Championship of Champions III, but did return for the Supreme Championship, losing heavily in the first round against Clive Spate.

Reid also played in the first series of Countdown Masters. Notably, he was the first player to have ever gotten a nine-letter word in a Masters series, declaring CONVERGES in his game against Tim O'Kane, as well as, in Round 11 of the same game, the first player ever known to have selected four large in a numbers round.

Preceded by
Mike Percik
Series runner-up
Series 11
Followed by
Janet McRae


# Date Type Contestant 1 Score Contestant 2 Guest Lex Max
518 5/03/1987 P Ted Kimmons 19 – 56 David Reid John Junkin Julia Swannell 74
519 6/03/1987 P Stephen Rooney 50 – 60 David Reid John Junkin Julia Swannell 84
520 9/03/1987 P Peter Dickinson 33 – 47 David Reid John Junkin Julia Swannell 74
521 10/03/1987 P James Wilkie 48 – 44 David Reid Richard Stilgoe Julia Swannell 82
539 3/04/1987 QF David Reid 46 – 40 Alan Johnson Russell Harty Freda Thornton 84
543 9/04/1987 SF David Reid 53 – 48 Ken Heaton Bill Tidy Catherine Clarke 74
544 10/04/1987 GF David Reid 61 – 97 John Clarke Bill Tidy, Gyles Brandreth Catherine Clarke 131
M21 21/08/1989-25/08/1989 M David Reid 80 – 68 Tim O'Kane none Freda Thornton 147
1877 8/11/1996 dQF Clive Spate 63 – 23 David Reid Geoffrey Durham Susie Dent 73
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