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Episode Cats157

From Countdown

Episode Cats157, billed as 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 25, Episode 5, was a special episode broadcast on 9 February 2024, as part of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Series 25.

The team captains were Roisin Conaty and Jon Richardson, their teammates were Joe Wilkinson and Asim Chaudhry respectively, while Jimmy Carr reprised his role as the presenter.

The match saw Jon Richardson, with the assistance of Asim Chaudhry, winning by 72 – 23 in a 7-rounder and they won a Countdown stylophone.

Rachel Riley was, as ever, the arithmetician. The Dictionary Corner guest was Lucy Pearman, and the lexicographer was Susie Dent.

Interesting and notable moments from the episode are listed below:

1) During the Introduction, Roisin was delivered a huge ice cream in which she was seen consuming for the remainder of the show.

2) In Round 1, Roisin mistakenly called for "2 Large" when it was a letters round, sending the audience into hysterical laughter. Additionally, as Joe wanted Rachel to spell out a word, the letters were shuffled and had they not, the selection would have been WSEADPUO. During the 30 seconds, a large troll entered the studio and growled at Asim before forcibly swiping the OED3 and mug off the tabletop where Jimmy was seated, before finally carrying "him" away off stage after he told it off.

3) In Round 2, Jon challenged Joe to give his solution since he claimed it was identical. However, it turned out to be different. At Jimmy's discretion, since an effort was made to declare the solution jointly, seven points were awarded to the latter's team.

4) Before the first Teaser, Lucy called an audience member seated in the front row to assist her in "undressing" which ended in her "exposing" herself and making sexual remarks.

5) During the 30 seconds in Round 3, "Jimmy" was cracking "Jon's" back in the centre of the studio and it ended in an awkward position where the former's face was in the latter's genitals. The real Jimmy and Jon later stepped up to recreate the position of their stunt doubles with their assistance.

6) In Round 5, it was dubbed a Lightning Round. Only Roisin and Jon took part where both would be jolted with an electric shock at random times by Jimmy via a pad attached on their spine (Joe was also wearing a pad even though he did not play this round). Points were doubled and the clock music was replaced with a spooky version of it coupled with sparks shooting out in front of the celebrities at various intervals, notably scaring everyone. Thus, the maximum was worth 16 points in this case. Additionally, Roisin had spotted the valid word PIGEONS after the round, but it was too late.

7) During the 30 seconds in Round 6, Jimmy performed some magic spells in which he turned Rachel into a lamp, a tree, and the troll from Round 1 (which was wearing her dress), before changing her back to normal.

NOTE 1: In this version, both players' declarations were allowed, although points were only awarded for the best answer.

NOTE 2: This was the last episode in which the mechanical conundrum board was used, with the daytime version having transitioned four years earlier halfway during Series 82.


Rnd Selection Joe & Roisin Score Jon & Asim Others Max.
1 AESWDPSUO swape ☓
6 – 6 PAUSED
dead ☓
2 50 75 5 5 6 1 → 528 527
75 × (6 + 1) + 50 ÷ 5 ÷ 5 **
13 – 13 527

75 × (6 + 1) + 50 ÷ 5 ÷ 5

TTT WILLYFLU I got it deliberately. WILFULLY
Rnd Selection Roisin Conaty Score Asim Chaudhry Others Max.
Rnd Selection Joe Wilkinson Score Jon Richardson Others Max.
4 100 4 4 3 1 10 → 191 191
10 × (4 × 4 + 3) + 1
23 – 30 191
10 × (4 × 4 + 3) + 1

TTT TUNALIPS You may now kiss the bride. NUPTIALS
Rnd Selection Roisin Conaty Score Jon Richardson Others Max.
TTT TRYLUBES It's windy down there. BLUSTERY
Rnd Selection Joe & Roisin Score Jon & Asim Others Max.
cloot ☓
7 CALMSHITE christmas ☓

(26.5, 29.25 seconds)
(29.25 seconds)